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14 Tips For Scaling Your
E-Commerce In 2022

It’s a whole new world out there. Especially for e-commerce owners. COVID-19 and Brexit rattled the supply chain, the iOS 14 update threw a spanner into email marketing analytics, and iOS 15 foretold the death of third-party data. 


So, what’s next?


It’s time to get ahead of the game. 2022 is the year you really get to know your customers. You’re gonna get up close and personal with your data, extend your reach across marketing channels and optimize every single step of their customer journey. 2022 is where you scale. 🚀


We’ve pulled together some of the best and brightest in e-commerce to give you their top tips for scaling in 2022. 


Here are 14 Tips for Scaling Your E-Commerce in 2022. 

Benton Crane's No. 1 Tip for Advertising on Facebook in 2022


Benton Crane,

CEO of Harmon Brothers

“Shift your thinking from just conversion campaigns to holistic campaigns. Really focus on filling that top of the funnel.” 

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Claudiu Cioba’s Tip for Selling with Videos in 2022

Cioba Claudiu Profile Image.png

Claudiu Cioba,

Founder and CEO of VideoWise 


“Start properly using video on your website so that you can create a more immersive, real-life shopping experience for your visitors. You can better engage with them, better present your product, and better answer any questions about your product.”

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Eric Even Haim’s Advice for Effective CRO in 2022


Eric Even Haim,

Co-Founder, and CEO of Reconvert 

“Use [the Error 404 page] to optimize for conversion. Display: ‘Hey, welcome to our special 404 page, this special discount is unlocked just for you’ and display product recommendations. Or anything else. Maybe get them to subscribe to your email list. Anything that will help you keep them in your store will help you generate an extra amount of revenue.”

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Darius Kunca’s No.1 Tip for Driving Revenue Growth in 2022


Darius Kunca,

Co-Founder of AdKings


“Get into omnichannel marketing. If you’re still reliant on one, two, three, core marketing channels to drive 80% - 90% of your revenue and traffic, you’re in for a world of pain next year.” 

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Andriy Boychuk’s Advice for Moving Away from Third-Party Data in 2022


Andriy Boychuk,

Founder of Flowium

“Collect as much first-party data as possible. Use emails, SMS, and build an app and get permission from people to send them push notifications.”

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MJ Juozapaitis’s Tips for Growing a Community Around Your Brand in 2022


MJ Juozapaitis,

Co-Founder and CEO of Blazer Agency


“Focus on community, organic reach, and story. Changes in privacy with iOS are just the beginning. Yes, there will still be room to grow with paid ads, but the most significant growth will be in your community.” 

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Kevin Urrutia’s Tip for Dealing with Supply Chain Issues in 2022

download (1).jfif

Kevin Urrutia,

Founder of Voy Media

“If you’re using suppliers overseas, it might be worth thinking about using suppliers that are local to your area that can help you with your inventory, just because the supply chain is such a big issue.”

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Matt Panek on the 5 Areas of Your Business You Need to Optimize in 2022


Matt Panek,

Co-Founder and CEO of SalesGenomics


“To stay afloat and give yourself an edge, make sure that you’re optimizing all 5 levers of your business growth equation which are: Gross Margins, Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, Conversion Rates, and Cost Per Click.”

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Benjamin Golden’s No.1 Tip for Driving Traffic to Your Store in 2022

download (2).jfif

Benjamin Golden,

Founder of GoldenWeb


“Open up Search Console, look for branded keywords, export a list of questions, and then create content around questions the customers have. By doing that you will be able to add a lot of extra traffic.” 

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Jonathan Ng’s Tip for Standing Out From the Competition in 2022

download (3).jfif

Jonathan Ng,

Founder of OXG Media


“Everything and everybody is selling the same thing. You need to differentiate yourself well so that you’re able to get the ROAS and ROI that you’re looking for.”

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Nicholas Romaya’s Tip for Keeping Up With Gen Z in 2022


Nicholas Romaya,

Head of Partnerships, Recart


“Stop being a brand focused on the 2010s or the 2000s, focus on the 2020s. That is, focus on social media and intimate communications like SMS. These are where your customers are at, especially Gen Z and Gen X and they’re not going away anytime soon.”

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Jure’s Tip for Finding Your Number 1 Promoter in 2022 


Jure Knehtl,

CEO of WeScale 


“The number one asset for your growth next year is community. Inside your community, you will find your biggest promoter. Existing customers will rebuy, word of mouth will be introduced, and you will get some great product ideas.”

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Anders’s Tip for Finding Your Customer in a Post Third-Party Data World 

Asset 3.png

Anders Lawets,

CEO at Dimél Media

“The digital space is developing into mass media. When all media becomes mass media, the message is going to reign. Own the message. Really get your message right.”

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Daniel’s Tip for the Keeping Up With Smart Consumers in 2022


Daniel Budai,

CEO of Budai Media

“Rely less on third-party data and rely more on zero and first-party data. You shouldn’t rely on pixels and cookies, you should rely more on click-through rates and data collected through survey questions and customer support questions. The future of marketing is permission-based. People don’t like it when you stalk them. Consumers are super smart nowadays.”

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The world of e-commerce moves fast, but there are a ton of people out there to help you stay on the ball.

The Question Is: Are You Ready To Improve Your Retention Marketing?

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