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$1,259,851 Revenue Generated Using Klaviyo Email Marketing

Brand Story & Challenges

Our eCommerce client works in the hair and beauty industry. Their target audience is women in the U.S., generally in their 30s.


When our client came to us in December 2020, they already had a strong social media presence, with a significant following on Instagram and Facebook. As evident in their email marketing eCommerce case study, their familiarity with Google and Facebook ads also contributed to their $404,729 total store revenue of that month. 


Our podcast episode with Jonathan Pemp goes into detail on how to make the most out of Facebook and Google ads.  

Despite their strong ad game, one thing was missing from our client’s omnichannel marketing strategy: email marketing.

Only 11% of total store revenue came from Klaviyo email marketing. Their request for us was to improve the percentage of revenue generated from email marketing and increase their total store revenue. 


This case study shows how we generated $1,259,851 for our client within our first 12 months of working together. This amounts to 30% of their total store revenue, a 19% increase from the previous year.


Below we will elaborate on popup testing, website optimization, and Welcome flows before summarizing our client’s email marketing campaign case study.

Before working with us

sms marketing

12 Months of Working with Budai Media

sms marketing


Total Store Revenue Attributed to Emails

Over $1.2M

Generated in one year

Be Our Partner

Before Budai Media

After Budai Media

  • 11% of total store revenue from emails          

  • 2% from email flows 

  • 9% from email campaigns

  • 30% of total store revenue from emails in the last 12 months

  • 18% from email flows 

  • 11% from email campaigns

  • 44% of total store revenue from emails in November 2021

How We Helped

Email Flow Set-Up

As with all our clients, we set up a series of email flows. This consisted of 8 flows, including an Optinmonster Welcome flow, Abandoned Cart Welcome flow, and Browse Abandonment flow. 

This went beyond the 5 essential flows found in our other case study examples, but both VIP and inner circle flow proved crucial to maintaining our client’s customer retention. 

December 2020

email marketing platforms

January 2021

email marketing features

February 2021

social media advertising

March 2021

marketing automation

April 2021

ecommerce platform

Popup Optimization

This email marketing eCommerce case study is an excellent example of how important an OptinMonster Welcome popup is to lead generation, conversion, and customer lifetime value.


Popups remain controversial as a potential disruption to the customer experience. When used incorrectly, popups can be detrimental. Generally, customers do not appreciate a popup appearing as soon as they enter an eCommerce store. However, when optimized correctly, are beacons of lead generation. 


The first step in making an effective popup is to enable eCommerce settings in Google Analytics. This will allow you to find out who your audience is and when they are most active. 


To time your popup correctly calculates the average time spent on your website, excluding your cart and checkout pages. If your customers spend an average time of 30-40 seconds on your website, have your popup appear a second or two before they leave. 


If the average time a user spends on your site is less than 10 seconds, your site may be too slow or your user experience (UX) unfriendly. Check out our full guide on Conversion Rate Optimization to rectify these issues. 

ecommerce stores

Optinmonster Welcome Flow

As for the popup Welcome flow, keep it simple. Customers signed up for a discount, don’t make their journey to conversion any more complicated than it needs to be. 


We prefer to use OptinMonster for Welcome popups as they tend to have higher conversion rates than Klaviyo popups.

marketing emails

Email Campaign Case Study

In this case study, we followed our standard procedure for campaign set-ups. For every sales event, we sent out four emails: the pre-announcement, grand opening on sales day, a reminder of the sale two days later, and an urgency email two days following that.




This structure delivers consistently good results for our clients. Campaign emails, however, vary from store to store according to their brand voice, product promotions, and eagerness to send out discounts, etc. 



Take a look at our Black Friday email marketing campaign case study to see how your eCommerce store can collect as much revenue as possible from sales events. 

push notifications
loyal customers
automated emails

If we could sum up this case study in a sentence it would be:

“Simple scales, fancy fails.”

Work with the data, don’t work against it. Keep emails clear, straightforward, and simple.  


Take a look at more email marketing case study examples to find out how to skyrocket your revenue with emails and website optimization. 


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