Email Examples

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Crossbeats emails

Crossbeats is a true lifestyle tech brand for young early adaptors in India. Crossbeats products are a compliment for every energetic sportsperson and music lover and the work of Budai Media is meant to convey this message.


Besides the great quality, their goal is to make the brand affordable in India. 


The "Break free from wires" motto truly shows the passion of the owner to show the world how their wireless headphones can make a difference every day. 

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High Dive Apparel emails

People who don't want to fit into society. People who want to make up their own unique fashion style that no one else has. 

When High Dive Apparel was founded by Jamie in 2017, he kept these people in mind. He collaborates with tattoo artists, illustrators to bring fun from the world of rock and pop-punk. It was a great experience for the Budai Media team to use the masterpieces of these artists in the emails.

By today, High Dive Apparel became a successful apparel brand not only in the UK but in North America as well. 


Inner Art World emails

"Art can now be part of you. Everywhere you go." The purpose of Inner Art World was to liberate art from the surface of a canvas or woven threads of a tapestry. 

Inner Art World fashion products are not only artistic, unique and spiritual but also comfortable for the mostly elderly community of the brand. When you wear these artistic products, the pace of life slows down and priorities change.

This spiritual artistry created by collaborating illustrators represents the true "inner-art" of the audience.

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Zoom Ball emails

Zoom Ball was created by two passionate photographers from Sweden. Their business turned into success from passion and today, they support enthusiastic photographers to get creative with their unique product. 

The purpose besides having a wow factor on them is to create a community with hobbyists and professionals from all over the world. 

Obviously, great imagery is inevitable for this brand, and Budai Media helped them stand out with their emails.


Mala Prayer emails

Mala Prayer is a spiritual jewelry brand with a North American audience. This brand is for mindful, relaxed, youthful meditation and yoga-lovers who want to fully enjoy life. 

Besides these, Mala Prayer supports women in low-income countries as their noble purpose. 

Simplicity and being natural is the essence of this brand just like its founders live their lives. Budai Media also shares these values, so it was natural to work together on the retention marketing of Mala Prayer.


Slyk Shades emails

“Every pair sold plants a tree.” - and that’s only the beginning! When you familiarize yourself with SLYK, you quickly discover that it is a passion project as well as a labor of love.


SLYK founder Josh wanted to create a cool sunglasses brand while supporting various causes like environmental conservation, natural mental health recovery, and suicide prevention.


Budai Media helped this conscious brand roll out some stylish emails to help it serve its noble purpose!