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What Our Clients Say

Andrea Barnhill, Co-Founder, Director of Operations at Socratik

After an in-depth analysis, Budai Media produced deliverables that satisfied the client. The team displayed phenomenal communication skills throughout the process, making it easy to track the project. Overall, they were reliable and facilitated a smooth project..

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Daniel was great to work with. He is very easy to communicate with, ensured that he understood the project scope, and met expectations when it came to the quality of work and insights for CRO. We'll certainly be hiring him again for similar projects in the future.

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Daniel was fantastic to work with! He is a total pro in the A/B space so was able to take care of everything but engaged us with thoughtful questions to make sure everything was designed in a way that would optimize the results we were looking for.

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Was a pleasure working with Daniel and Ann. Enjoyed the work, they reflected on several major points about how to improve our website and customer journey. We're looking forward to future projects together.

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It was a great experience to work with Daniel and his small team again, they delivered a quick audit to our team which consists of action steps for the next 3 months. We will start implementing these steps in-house in the next weeks and Daniel may help us with consultation again soon. If you need a CRO expert, trust him and his team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Budai Media?

We are an ecommerce website CRO and retention marketing agency. Our bread-and-butter is to help 6-8 figure ecommerce brands scale focusing on increasing average cart value, website conversion rate, customer lifetime value and their overall revenue by 20-40%. ​


What are the benefits of working with Budai Media on website conversion rate optimization?

Our team has worked with over 100 ecommerce companies from all over the world and we’ve generated $20M+ extra revenue for these clients up to date. Knowledge is power and we use all of our knowledge and skills to scale your ecommerce business further making your ads and website more effective than ever. Most of our clients can see an increase in CR and AOV from 20 to 50% in 3-6 months. 


Do you handle copywriting, design, strategy, development work?

Our team can take care of all aspects of working together: data analysis, UX analysis, user-testing, copywriting & design, development work. On the other hand, we are not a website development company, we don’t overhaul your whole website or build Shopify themes. If necessary, we can build landing pages for you. 


What kind of clients do you have on your roster?

We focus on e-commerce only, we do really well with fashion, beauty, pets, outdoor, houseware, CBD but we already sold 3D printers to enterprises for $5K+ as well. The range of products is broad, we worked with 100+ e-commerce companies in the last 3 years in 30 different niches. We love working with people who want to build their own e-commerce brand and have a focus on high customer satisfaction.

How is it like working with Budai Media?

Our team always strives for the best results and grows your business in the long run. We are not interested in vanity metrics and short-term results. We cannot guarantee results but we always underpromise and overdeliver. We are not an agency with the fastest turnaround, we prefer planning weeks ahead and creating high-quality marketing pieces and great results. In our experience, if you look for a few hours or one-day turnaround, you should find a marketing employee instead.


Budai Media always tries to go the extra mile for its clients hand-in-hand with our partners. We partnered with the best software, marketing agency companies & ecommerce communities to strive for the success of our clients together.

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