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How I Help Businesses To Make An Extra $100.000-$700.000

In 12 Months With Email & Messenger Marketing


Our company, Southern Stamped Jewelry, requested an audit of our email marketing plan from Daniel. We rely heavily on email and weren't getting the results we had hoped for. Daniel took a lot of time with our company and gave us a very detailed review of our email practices and some great ideas on how to make them better. That worked for us, but might not be what everyone is looking for. We are implementing the ideas daily and have seen positive results.

- John, United States

We started working together quite quickly, and we started generating money from email for the first time. This is for our dropshipping stores which I was focusing on back then and even though it’s not easy for dropshipping stores, we started generating quite nice money from them and since that time we generated nice mid-6-figures of revenue from email, which is additional and less cost for us. It was amazing! If you’re not doing email now, don’t be crazy, contact him and start working with him because I can’t recommend him enough.

- Ondrej, Czech Republic

I was looking in Facebook groups and this is how I found Daniel. We have the similar humor together, so he’s a great guy to work with. So, by using his system, we already made $100K, which is absolutely fantastic and what is really nice about Daniel and his team, whenever we find a great product, they easily adjust the campaigns, so it has a better conversion. Also, he’s willing to bring your story into your emails.

- Wilco, The Netherlands

I reached out many times to Daniel to get help with email marketing and I just don’t know how but his knowledge is PHENOMENAL. He’s always educating himself and he’s always trying to learn new things and he’s attending on all these events about email marketing, so I felt like whatever he says, it’s true.

- Daniel , Hungary