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Are you a business owner who believes they have the right people on the bus but they need education on ecommerce retention marketing, email or SMS marketing, or any other marketing channels related?

Our team have spent 50,000+ hours working with ecommerce companies in the last 4 years. 

Imagine thousands upon thousands of hours of high-level, rock-solid, real-world business growth experience, laser-focused on your business challenges and goals...

Our solutions move your audience to DO something... not just look around.


Besides, we've spent tens of thousands of dollars joining worldwide to learn from the best ecommerce marketers at big conferences, masterminds, and workshops.

If you are interested to consult or to be mentored by us, we regularly do it with a few of our best clients. 

Our process usually involves:

- Initial discovery call to spot the low-hanging opportunities

- 5x1 hour calls where we discuss and show you how to tackle your main challenges

- Written action plan for you and your team

- Helping with implementation (for extra charge)

Check the results of one of our clients before and after our consultation:

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 16.03.26.png

So, is this something you're aiming for?

"Budai Media's efforts drove a 50% increase in the end client's conversion rate, resulting in a significant increase in their ROI." - Jon LaClare, CEO at Harvest Growth

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