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Premium Design Email Marketing Examples

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email marketing campaigns
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Cool Frames

Cool Frames was established in 1997 at the dawn of online shopping and nowadays, shoppers can find hundreds of sunglasses and glasses by brands such as Nike, Prada, Gucci, Cartier, or Versace.


Their vision is to provide high-quality glasses to every customer in different price ranges.


By working together, Cool Frames managed to take three leaps forward when it comes to their email design and management.  

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Dr. Harness

Dr. Harness is one of the leading manufacturers of leather harnesses, accessories, and other leather products. 

While it was a new niche for us to work with, we immediately knew how our premium design emails could help this visual brand. We created a positioning for emails reflecting an underground, secretful feeling with the combination of black and red. 

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Tree to Tub

Tree to Tub was an already successful skincare brand on Amazon when they contacted us to help them with the email marketing of their fresh Shopify venture. 


The formula of their products is made of clean and natural ingredients, and we wanted to reflect this in their email design as well by being minimalistic and using many white spaces.


Seeing the results of their revamped email marketing, we helped them increase their brand value further. 

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Northbound Gear

Northbound Gear is a proudly Canadian brand for hikers and nature fans. Their motto is “If you won’t wear it, we won’t sell it!”

They partnered up with to support their initiative to plant a tree for every transaction that a customer makes. 


Since this is a brand by three outdoor enthusiasts, we carefully mixed the elements of nature with the email creative. Also, we had to ensure that the email content is educational and explains well how these products work and stand out compared to competitors. 

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“For the Kings and Queens with Paws” - this is the motto of this US-based pet brand. 


The NO PULL Harness and other related products ensure that your dog (or other pets) can enjoy their day without any pain. Also, this brand regularly donates to NPO dog organizations. 


Since our team also consists of many pet lovers, it was easy to come up with creative ideas starting from paw prints in the email to the various uses of UGC.

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Olympvs Jeans

If you are a muscular guy, it’s hard to find comfy and fitting clothing (while this is probably one of the reasons why you started working out back then). 


Olympvs has a 4.95/5 customer rating tested by thousands of athletes. 


We have one thing in common with this brand which is high quality standards. We were not afraid to create long emails with GIFs to show the collection of the brand and we could increase the revenue of the brand from email marketing by more than 10% in a few months. 

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- Grace Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Valentte


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