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Generate 30% Higher Revenue With Our Email Marketing Agency Services

Email marketing is the first pillar of ecommerce retention marketing to increase your customer lifetime value.

Email revenue should contribute 25-40% of your annual revenue as an ecommerce store. However, it's challenging to get there. 

Are one or more of these hindering your email growth?

- Poor deliverability

- Slow email list growth

- No resources to craft quality email campaigns

- Lack of segmentation

- Too basic email flows

Even if one is missing, your growth is seriously capped.

And this is no joke. According to McKinsey, email has an average ROI of 38X if you do it well. 

Here at Budai we've generated $50,000,000+ using emails with our ecommerce partners up to date. 

What our full-service email marketing management includes:

1.  One-time email marketing audit (regardless of your ecommerce or email platforms):

We go into your email marketing software and find the low-hanging fruit. We create an action plan for the next 3 months that either you or we can implement for you. 


2. Creation of segmentation strategy

Proper email segmentation ensures that you don't spam your subscribers with bulk messages. We set up the right audience and customer segments, so you send out the right email campaigns to the right people at the right time.

3. Email marketing software tool migration (Mailchimp to Klaviyo is the most common)

Our specialists help with migrating from one tool to another. We have experience with more than 10 ecommerce email marketing platforms, so it's on us!

5. Fully customized copywriting and email design

Our rigorous process (and account managers) ensures that our whole team understands your tone of voice and brand values. We ask dozens of questions and we share your replies with our copywriters and designers. Our QA staff reviews every email if they are on point. 

Each email goes through at least 4 email marketing experts in our team. 


6. Full flow setup or optimization

Email automation are usually the first emails to get started with since even a one-time setup can establish your email marketing success for months and years. Flows have the highest ROI in ecommerce email marketing.


7. Signup forms building

In order to grow your email list fast, we install popups and other signup forms on your website. Our design team follows the top user experience principles.


8. Campaign calendar building and campaign scheduling

After our agency team reviews your account and plans, we build an email marketing campaign plan for you, and we start implementing it. Email marketing campaigns generate money on demand, hence their importance. 


9. Consistent and rigorous split testing

AB testing is the alpha and omega of successful email marketing efforts. Flow, signup, or campaign testing, we use each to find winning variations and iterate our strategy.


10. Brand design guide building and high-tier email design creation 

Are you a fan of high-converting simple design, or you rather want to focus on beautiful branding? Our design team can do both, so forget boring templated design for your emails!

11. Regular meetings with you and monthly or weekly reporting

Some business owners and managers prefer regular meetings while others want to get their reports and keep most communication via email. We understand this and we accommodate to your needs. 

Our last 40 clients rated our communication 9.6 out of 10 in the last 2 years.

While many brand owners claim that the email inbox of their audience is already saturated, their opinion changes once we work together. 

We not only achieve results with our ecommerce partners but we surprise most of the brands with what could be achieved with this marketing channel. 

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your email marketing?

"We generated nice mid-6-figure revenue from email marketing without additional ad costs which is amazing. If you don't do email marketing don't be crazy, I can't recommend him enough." - Ondrej Roba, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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"Email marketing revenue is $295,000 in the last 90 days and climbing." - Eugene Schulz, Ecommerce Entrepreneur


👉 What ROI can your clients usually experience?

Our average ROI on our email marketing agency service is 8.9x.

👉 What's the average time we take to help customers set up email marketing?

It takes us about 21 days to set up your most important 4-5 flows from scratch. And then we tend to wait 2 weeks for the email domain to warm up, then send campaigns. So you should have a fully warmed up and functioning email account within 60 days of starting to work with us.

👉 How long do customers usually need to wait before they start seeing a return on our services?

If you don’t have any emails already, then about 45 days.

If you already have emails, then 14 days.

👉 Is email marketing dead?

Not as far as we are concerned. Email marketing is still the number 1 marketing channel in terms of total attributed revenue in ecommerce followed by Facebook ads and Google Adwords.

👉 Is email annoying?

We understand you may get complaints about your emails from time to time, but so does all the biggest, best and most engaging companies. 

We tend to encourage our clients to think about the marginal benefit of making revenue with email marketing versus the marginal cost.

With that said, if over 10% of your subscribers mark you as spam and/or reply with their complaints, then perhaps it could be valuable feedback to pivot your current strategy.

In general, we worked with over 130 ecommerce companies before and so far ZERO had issues with complaints.

👉 Are popups annoying + reduce conversions?

Similar answer here.

The marginal benefit of popups is a high conversion rate of people that opt in AND they are now on your email list for sure.

The marginal cost is perhaps a slightly worse website experience and potentially a lower average order value if you offer discounts.

The only way to draw conclusions for your store is to A/B test.

In our experience, popups are a net positive 9 out of 10 times overall.

With that said, we don’t encourage you to use popups that appear immediately after site load but we found it to be better to wait minimum 10 seconds.

👉 Where can I see your email marketing agency’s pricing?

It depends on your business needs, we tend to price ourselves based on the value we believe we can bring you.

Please apply for a free call with us on this link.

👉 Do you have success stories / case studies in my niche?

Probably. Click here to find out.

👉 How do you stay out of the spam folder?

We use deliverability best practices such as:

  • Properly warming up the email marketing account by sending flows first only and not campaigns

  • Ideally using a .com domain

  • Use for spam testing

  • Sending relevant content

  • Always aim to get minimum a 20% open rate on all emails

  • Focusing on the most engaged segments


Do nicer emails with more pictures always convert better?

If anything, we found the opposite to be true so far.


Emails with less images tend to have a better inbox AND click rate due to the lack of distractions and file weight.


With that said, if you for instance sell luxury fashion or jewelry, positioning may be even more important than marginal gains in inbox and click rates.

"They drove 52% of our sales over the Black Friday period, from both email marketing automated flows and campaigns they sent." - Tom Eastman, Founder at Olympvs Jeans

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