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How We Increased Our Client’s Email Marketing Revenue from 14% to 48% in 9 Months

Brand Story & Challenges

Our client operates in the skincare e-commerce industry. They’re a relatively new brand that emerged in 2016 on Kickstarter. 


Before we began working together, this client already had multiple marketing channels and most of their revenue came from Amazon. Shopify, however, was their smallest channel. Their goal? Build a retention marketing strategy that increases their revenue from email marketing and their Shopify store. 


This email marketing e-commerce case study shows how we increased their email marketing revenue from 14% to 48% in 9 months.


Outside Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) month, their email marketing made up 40% of their total store revenue in September 2021, and 40% in May 2021 - just three months after we began working together. 


As demonstrated in their email marketing case study, regular campaigns were crucial to both increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) and for building brand trust and familiarity in time for Black Friday. Their Black Friday email marketing campaign case study is also included below. 

Before working with us


November with Budai Media


 Before Budai Media

  • 14% of total store revenue from emails

  • No campaign calendar (only occasional sales)

  • $583 generated on their early-bird Black Friday email in 2020

After Budai Media

  • 40% of total revenue generated from emails after just three months of working together in May 2021

  • 48% of total store revenue November from emails marketing

  • Over double their early-bird Black Friday email revenue in 2021 


Store revenue from email marketing

over 45% open rate

For early-bird Black Friday emails

Be Our Partner

How We Helped

One of the first things we implemented for our client was an OptinMonster pop-up and welcome flow. This is a pop-up that appears on their e-commerce store website to collect email addresses. OptinMonster is a very accessible pop-up tool that appears in the vast majority of our email marketing case study examples


We look specifically at OptinMonster pop-ups and how to use them in this email marketing e-commerce case study.


Unlike most pop-ups, this client did not want to offer a discount code in OptinMonster’s pop-up and following welcome flows. The incentive instead offered perks and exclusive rewards on a loyalty-based incentive. 


Getting creative with their incentives proved highly effective: their OptinMonster welcome flow is one of their highest-performing email flows. Check out episode 78 of The Ecom Show with Roshelle Savdie from Yotpo for more advice on increasing CLV with engagement-based programs. 


Before our consultation, this client had very little in the way of campaigns. They sent the occasional sales campaign, including BFCM. Let’s take a look their 2020 BFCM campaign strategy before working with us:

Here is the BFCM we set up for them in 2021.

This email marketing campaign case study shows that we improved our client’s open rates on every single BFCM email. Of particular note is their ‘early-bird’ Black Friday email. Before working with us, this email generated $583.56. The ‘early-bird’ email we set up for them generated over double that amount with an open rate of over 45%. 


What stands out about this email marketing campaign case study is that we did not change anything about their BFCM offer. Instead, we focussed on copy, design, and segmentation. In other words, their increased revenue in BFCM was heavily due to email marketing strategy alone.


Our client’s email marketing case study shows how crucial an effective email marketing strategy is to generating revenue and building customer engagement. Even outside BFCM, email marketing generated 46% of their store revenue in September and 40% in May. 


With the right flow and campaign set up, email marketing will not only generate huge revenue for your e-commerce during sales events, but it will also drastically improve your customer lifetime value. 


Check out more email marketing case study examples to see how you can drive more revenue to your store. 

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