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Email Marketing Case Study: Over £640,000 In 30 days

Brand Story & Challenges

This e-commerce case study shows how we generated over £640,000 in email marketing for our client in interior design e-commerce within 30 days. That’s equal to over $850,000.

Do bear in mind that this revenue was generated in November: one of the most lucrative months for e-commerce. Black Friday Cyber Monday, however, is wasted on a sub-par email strategy. As evidenced in both their flow revenue and email marketing campaign case study, our setup is fully optimized to capture and convert as many leads as possible during every sale and trust-building campaign.

Our client’s email revenue has nearly tripled since we began working together. This email marketing case study will take a deep dive into how you can set up your email flows and email campaigns to increase your long-term store revenue.

Before working with us
email marketing campaigns

November with Budai Media

online store

September 2021 - Before Budai Media

  • £643,772 total online sales in September 2021   
  • 38% of total store revenue generated from Klaviyo email marketing 
  • £243,814 generated from Klaviyo email marketing

November 2021 - With Budai Media

  • £1,329,073 total store revenue in November 2021
  • 49% of total store revenue generated from Klaviyo email marketing 
  • £646,119 generated from Klaviyo email marketing 


Total store revenue attributed to emails in November 2021


(over $850,000) Generated with our email marketing strategy in 30 days

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How We Helped

Email flow and campaign setup

If you’re familiar with any of Budai Media’s email marketing case studies, you’ll know that email flow setup is an integral part of our onboarding process.


Our flows included:
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Welcome Flow
  • Product Review Request
  • Post-purchase Flow
  • Winback Flow 


Check out this email marketing case study for a deeper dive into email flows and how to set them up. 

September 2020

online store

October 2020

email subscribers

November 2020

email campaigns

Behind every successful email marketing campaign case study is data-driven segmentation. Understanding email engagement is crucial to building an effective email strategy. We advise never to worry about emailing your most engaged customers.  


Initially, our client was only sending one email to all their customers once a week. We began sending three email campaigns per week to the most engaged half of their email list. Unengaged customers were segmented to one email per week, and those in-between received two. 

Put simply, the more engaged your customers are, the more emails they should receive.

email campaigns
A/B Testing 

Every Budai Media e-commerce case study will have used A/B testing. Many e-commerce stores are overly cautious of A/B testing for fear of revenue fluctuation. However, the only time we generally don’t recommend A/B testing is during huge sales events such as Black Friday Cyber Monday.


We do recommend A/B test after A/B test in the lead up to Black Friday Cyber Monday and when you build and develop any strategy. Otherwise, your e-commerce store will get stuck with ineffective copy and design. 


If you are going to start with any A/B test, choose smart send time. A/B testing the right time to send your emails will dramatically improve open rates. As of January 2022, we are also A/B testing long copyvs short copy for this client. 


Don’t be afraid to A/B test email flows. They generate a lot of revenue. In November 2021, our client made £276,126 from email flows alone. Test subject lines as much as possible and optimize for open rates. If you’d like to learn more about A/B testing and email sequence segmentation, check out our webinar with the President and Co-Founder of Octane AI, Ben Parr

subject lines


This email marketing case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a data-driven email marketing strategy in both sales events and generating long-term revenue.


If you would like to hone in your focus on making the most out of Black Friday Cyber Monday, check out our email campaign case study on how we generated $73,300 for a fashion brand on Black Friday Cyber Monday


Prefer to hear more about generating revenue outside Q4? We have a ton of email marketing case study examples to help you build your ultimate omnichannel marketing strategy. 

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