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How Our Green Friday Email Campaign Boosted This Brand’s Revenue by 39.90%


Increase in store revenue from 15 email campaigns


Generated in just 30 days

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Brand Story & Challenges:

Our client, a prominent vegan health and wellness supplement brand, typically generates 15-25% of their store revenue through email campaigns, with an additional 10-20% from automated email flows. With an already successful email marketing strategy in place, their goals for the Black Friday season were twofold:


👉 Increase revenue from email campaigns.

👉 Spread out their Black Friday sales to alleviate logistical and delivery challenges experienced during the previous year's overwhelming BFCM weekend response.

We devised a month-long Black Friday strategy that included:


  • Themed website popups to grow the subscriber list.

  • A week-by-week breakdown of our 15 email campaigns.

  • Creative use of varying discounts to maintain high anticipation throughout the month.

(October 2024)

image (1).png

(November 2024)


 Before Budai Media

  • The brand ran a 10-day Green Friday campaign, generating £83,021 through email revenue with the same discount offered throughout.

  • 15-25% store revenue generated through email campaigns each month. 

After Budai Media

  • The brand's month-long BFCM campaign generated £118,383.36.

  • 39.90% store revenue generated through email campaigns.

  • An additional 976 email subscribers and 86 new phone numbers were added to the lists through themed website popups.

How We Helped

Customized Website Popups


Black Friday presents an opportunity to focus on both short-term sales and long-term growth by growing your email and SMS subscriber lists. We created Green Friday themed pop ups, offering website visitors early VIP access, which resulted in 976 additional email subscribers.


Spreading Out Black Friday


To avoid the pitfalls of a concentrated BFCM weekend, we spread out the campaign over the entire month. This approach not only eased the pressure on logistics and operations but also kept customers engaged with fresh offers each week:


  • Week 1: Free bottle of omega 3 capsules with orders over £60.

  • Week 2: Free bottle of Collagen with orders over £60.

  • Week 3: Exclusive 10% off everything for email subscribers who joined the SMS list, resulting in 86 new SMS signups

  • Week 4: The final week saw an increase to 5 email campaigns, with a 10% off offer extended to the entire list and additional reminder emails to drive urgency.

*Pro Tip: To enhance email and SMS list sign-ups, implement a two-step popup strategy.

For example: offer a 10% discount for initial email sign-ups and then provide an extra 10% off

for SMS subscriptions in the second step, instead of a single 20% discount for just email.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 180847.png

While sending 15 email campaigns for Black Friday might seem excessive to some people, this brand was able to keep their customers engaged throughout the month and keep their open rates between 40-50% by offering different discounts each week.


This strategy ensured high open and click rates, as customers were eager to discover new offers each week. The brand generated £118,383.36 in just 30 days from these 15 email campaigns, contributing to 39.90% of the brand's store revenue for Black Friday—significantly higher than their usual monthly average.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-spaced Black Friday email strategy and creative use of discounts in managing store operations and achieving better results.

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