A case study on how our agency scales the ecommerce stores of our clients by tapping into the power email marketing and other back-end sales tools!

Daniel tells you how our team grows the businesses of our clients to incredible heights!

- Email Automations - Powerful traffic source without touching a button

- Email Campaigns - Engage and go for retention

- How to Get Subscribers - Grow your list and business effetively

- Messenger - Oh yes, email is not enough

Daniel, iGlass

I reached out to Daniel and his team many times and their knowledge is phenomenal, they always educate themselves and they always attend all these email marketing events, they always improve themselves, so whatever I ask they can always help me out


Daniel and his team provided good expertise on our Klaviyo email automation project. They prepared plan and suggestion what needs to be done and proceeded with execution after we approved the plan. We will be working with them in the future on developing our email automation further.

Ondrej, BabyHero

I read an article from Daniel from one of the ecommerce Facebook groups and we had a call and started working together quite quickly. We generated nice mid-6-figure revenue from email without additional ad costs which is amazing. If you don't do email, don't be crazy, I can't recommend him enough.

Ivan, Mindbox

I was looking for a marketing agency owner who had experience in the UK market to review our all-over marketing platform, Mindbox.Cloud because we needed more experience in this market. This is how I found Daniel, and he started using our software immediately. He delivered precisely what I had been looking for and did a great and meticulous job!

During our work, I felt he had a proper understanding of email and e-commerce marketing and wanted to bring his best performance to help us. We’re going to stay in contact with him and looking forward to working with him during our expansion in the UK and US markets

Wilco, Live Your Expression

I looked for ways to outsource our email marketing and this is how we found Daniel from a Facebook group. By using his system, we generated over $100K extra revenue. They also put your story into the emails in a great way.

John, Copy Dart

When it comes to email marketing, Daniel really knows his stuff. Having worked with him on numerous campaigns, I've seen how well he coordinates projects and the level of detail he goes into to get his clients genuinely impressive results. He's also a great person to work with!