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How We Helped Our Client Make More Than $100k per Month via Email

Up to 98%

Increase in inbox rate


Revenue per month, from an initial target of $10k - $15k in email campaign revenue

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Brand Story & Challenges

This email marketing case study shows how we helped a UK-based luxury furniture brand increase the revenue they generate from email campaigns by more than 10 times. After a mere $15,000 was generated in-house, we helped them make $34,278 in February when they first joined us. We kept increasing this figure to reach $105,000 in August by implementing a Shopify email marketing strategy that worked great.


And through these few months of working with us, they reached up to a 98% increase in inbox rate, preventing their Shopify email marketing campaigns from being considered spam and landing in the wrong category, making almost all their subscribers exposed to their email campaigns.

January 2022 - Pre Budai Media


Up to December 2021, our client only generated $13,792 through email marketing.

February 2022: 1 month of working with Budai Media


In just 30 days of working with Budai Media, our client was able to increase their sales revenue from email marketing to $39,178 (£34,278), which made up 27% of their total sales.

August 2022: 6 Months of working with Budai Media


In under 2 months of working with Budai Media, our clients were able to increase their sales revenue from email marketing to $104,961 (£91,835), which made up a constant 36% of their total sales.

 Before Budai Media

  • Only a portion of total revenue is generated through email marketing. 

  • On average, each of the client’s email campaigns only generated up to $5,000 before working with us.

  • Only 2 flows (Abandoned Cart).

After Budai Media

  • Up to 40% of total sales revenue was made through email campaigns in June. 

  • 10 emails per month, adding consistency.

  • 98% of inbox, preventing being flagged as spam.

  • Opted for a high-tier design since July 2022.

  • Up to 55,07% open rate in August 2022, and still growing.

How We Helped

We increased our client's email marketing revenue by 10x through consistency, high-tier design, and catchy and interesting content.


Optimizing Pop-Ups and Flows 


We set up a consistent set of pop-ups and 5 new flows to convert clicks into sales.  

Check out this case study to learn more about setting up email flows.


This Shopify email marketing case study shows that we can’t rely on Abandoned Cart Flows alone. Even though they might convert curious users into prospects and then buyers, consistency, frequency, and high-quality design make all the difference in captivating the eyes and converting them into clicks.


Going all the way up to a 40% revenue generated through email, a 98% inbox rate, and a more than 55% open rate only shows how a well-studied and executed email marketing strategy can outstandingly develop your business.

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