This is our Success Plan for your Ecommerce Business 

Set up your Email &Messenger system

Start generating revenue immediately with automated Email and Messenger flows. 


Targeting informed by Behavioral Psychology

Whatever we know about Email & Messenger marketing at Budai Media, we’re always open to new ideas. It’s how we create unique experiences for our clients’ audiences every day. 


In order to send the right message to the right segments at the right time, we use behavioral insight to detect subgroups in your list. We then apply automated flows that respond to audience behavior to deliver the most effective interaction. 


We notice if someone opens but never buys, hasn’t interacted in a while - or has become an ambassador for your brand. Then we serve them the most appropriate content. 


More than Email

We don’t just manage Email & Messenger marketing for our clients. We go the extra mile. 


That’s why we invested our time and resources into mastering the marketing tools that are consistently linked to email success. We can integrate email marketing with Messenger chatbots and website conversion Popups that deliver. 


And because it’s important to integrate your Email and Messenger marketing with Facebook ad campaigns, we can help you synchronize your efforts across all stages to achieve kickass results. 

Our expertise generated over $1M for our clients in 2018 alone. You could be next. Tap into the wealth of knowledge we offer and get help with:


Here’s the best part: you won’t have to lift a finger.

Our hands-off approach ensures that your business enjoys maximum ROI from Email & Messenger 

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