This is our Success Plan for your Ecommerce Business 

Set up the base of your automation to use down the road and carefully supervise your business model and infrastructure to create an Email & Messenger setup that perfectly fits your business.

At Budai Media, we rethought what we already knew about Email & Messenger. We want to create a unique experience that the audiences of our clients get every single day.


The core of our success is sending the right message, to the right people at the right time. We detect subgroups in your list using the best automation and our expertise based on your audience’s behavior and start the right interaction.


We see if someone opens your emails but never buys, if someone hasn’t interacted with you for a long time or if someone becomes an advocate of your brand and we communicate with them differently.

We wanted not only to completely take over the Email & Messenger of our clients but go an extra mile for them.

We looked around our market and found that a few marketing tools are heavily related to email success. This is why we integrated email marketing with Messenger chatbot marketing and website conversion Popups.

At Budai Media, we think that these 3 tools are inseparable from each other. We also help clients to integrate Email & Messenger with your Facebook ad campaigns to achieve kickass results.

Here’s the best part: you won’t have to lift a finger.

Our hands-off approach ensures that your business enjoys maximum ROI from Email & Messenger 

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