Budai Media Panel Talk

How to Generate Traffic to Your Ecommerce in 2021

Tune in! We invited 6 experts to join together and talk further about the best strategies to generate traffic to your ecommerce store in 2021!
Where will it happen? 
Budai Media's exclusive Facebook Group and Zoom
When will it happen?
March 17th at 4 pm UK time

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Budai Media is delighted to invite 6 experts from ecommerce to join another of our Panel Talk! Save your spot in case you wanna know more about how you can generate traffic to your store in 2021!

Are an ecommerce business owner eager to scale beyond 8-figures

Are just starting out with big plans

Are in the digital marketing world

Want to scale up your ecommerce in 2021

Want to know about the best strategies to advertise your business

Want to learn how to explore some of the best digital marketing channels to generate traffic to your store

Daniel Budai,
Founder & CEO at Budai Media

Budai Media was founded in 2018 with the single goal of helping ecommerce businesses grow exponentially with retention focused marketing strategy. Email, SMS, loyalty programs, Messenger, website CRO - the channel is secondary, the creativity of the Budai Media team is their main weapon.


The team has worked with 30+ ecommerce niches in the last 2 years and even sold 3D printers for $5,000 to big American corporations.


The average Budai Media client enjoys 20-40% of her monthly revenue from the channels managed by Budai Media and more than $10M+ extra revenue was generated with these channels only in 2020.

Csaba Borzasi,
Founder Game of Conversions

Csaba Borzasi is a YouTube Ads lead funnel strategist and direct response copywriter. He helps mission-driven online companies attract the right cold leads with YouTube ads, and build a strong connection with them via story-based email campaigns, so they become profitable customers and raving fans for life.


Csaba has a rich background in Psychology and Business, and he uses a unique scientific method to craft high-converting copies that sell without being sleazy.

Sandeep Kumar,
CEO & founder ROI Minds

The CEO and Founder of ROI MINDS which is an eCommerce Marketing Agency. They have been in the digital marketing space for the last 10 years and have helped hundreds of stores to generate profitable revenues with Google Ads.


In the last 12 months, ROI Minds have generated more than $150 million in revenue for their clients using Google Ads. They are a certified Google and Facebook Marketing Partner. ROI MINDS is a team of eCommerce specialized marketers who are proficient in media buying on Google and Facebook.


They are managing more than 100 eCommerce stores across different niches like Fashion, Sports, Electronics, Health Supplements, Dropshipping, etc., and helping store owners to grow!

Bryan Fuentes,
Owner 2DG Media

Bryan helps transform his client’s funnel into a revenue machine. This includes re-writing their webinar, their follow-up emails, their ad copy, running their ads, and making sure the entire funnel is tight from start to finish. When he finishes, his clients have a webinar funnel that consistently generates high-ticket sales, online course sales, and qualified sales call for their business.

Joanna Szewczyk,
CEO & Founder PinMeApp

Helping online business owners and brands get additional 10k visitors per month from Pinterest. PinMeApp is a Pinterest automation software. They offer monthly and yearly subscription plans.


Additionally, they offer Pinterest Management services and Pinterest Training to help with your brand visibility and grow traffic to your website.

Joshua Daniels,
Managing Director Go Amplify

With over 9 years of experience, Joshua and his team help e-commerce businesses DOMINATE the SERPs through SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing. In the past year alone, they’ve turned over £28 million in revenue for their clients. Some of these e-commerce stores have transformed from ZERO to market leading sales machines.

Learn From Experts How To Scale Up Your Ecommerce Business In 2021!

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