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5 Takeaways from Sending More Than 450 Million Emails

It's time to get real about email marketing. We've been hustling in the inbox arena for a good while now; we've dispatched more than 450 million emails in the last half-decade and made more than 60 million dollars in additional revenue for our clients.

And we thought it'd be good to self-reflect and ask our team members to share some of their greatest learnings.

So here are insightful takeaways we got from some of our top team members and coaches from all of our different departments, including copywriting, Klaviyo editing, and more.

  1. A Copywriter's Guide to AI

AI has completely changed the game when it comes to copywriting. While ChatGPT can churn out a 500-word blog faster than a human could read one, the question is how good is the blog, or just how do you maintain your originality while using AI.

Here's some sage advice from the head of our copywriting team, Nick:

"A few months ago, AI was presented as the tool that was going to do everything for us (whether we liked it or not). Now its limitations are coming into sharper focus. For example, it's not a significant time-saver when it comes to writing emails, but it can be a useful sounding board for generating ideas.
It's great for helping with the heavy lifting, but it gets in the way of creativity. Ultimately, you need to decide whether you're trying to move a couch or tidy your room. The only way to move the couch is with help. The slowest way to tidy your room is with someone else trying to help but putting everything in the wrong place."

2. When it comes to email design, make sure you know the platform you're designing for.

We asked Danelle, the head of our design team, what's the first piece of advice she gives all her new team members, and here's what she had to say:

"Make sure you have basic technical knowledge about the email platform you're designing for. No matter how good your design is, if it's not functional for Klaviyo or other third-party email platforms, then it's counterproductive.
So make sure that you take the time out to learn the email design guidelines and familiarize yourself with the platform the email will be published from (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc.) before you start designing and center your design and creativity around these learnings."

3. The 🔑 is in the details

One of the things we pride ourselves on as an email agency is the top quality work that we deliver, and this wouldn't be possible without our handy quality assurance team who ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Here's what the head of our quality assurance team, Shaheer, had to say when we asked him about what's the one thing that brands can do to improve the quality of their emails:

"Focus on the details. Details matter even the most minute ones. Even things such as the alternate text! Yes! You may not see the alternate text as the main driving part of the email, but it can and does play a key role in delivering the right message. Imagine if someone has images turned off and your email doesn't make sense. That's where Alt text comes in to save the day.
Similarly, from formatting to having the eye to pick out that one spacing error, the smallest details are what separates a good email from a great one."

4. Question people if they find your product/service too expensive.

Our business development manager Ben has analyzed hundreds of e-commerce businesses since joining us. Here's his #1 learning when it comes to sales:

"Dig deeper when a prospect you're talking to says that they don't want to spend x amount of money on your service and try to find out why that is, and how much are they spending on other areas of their marketing/business.
Doing this will help you find out what the reason is behind them not wanting to spend as much. For example, if a business is spending most of their money on operations and not that much on marketing, then often it can lead to a stagnating business. By asking the right questions and digging deeper, you might be able to help your prospect realize this, and end up with a new client. And if not, you'll definitely walk away with some new perspective."

5. Advice on Running a Global Agency

Now if you're new to Budai Media, you may not know this, but from our clients to our team members, we're a completely remote and global agency. How do we ensure that everything runs smoothly without any face-to-face meetings?

We have a reliable group of account managers who are experts when it comes to managing a team. In fact, here's some advice from Kushan, our head account manager, on working remotely:

"Make sure you have team members working from different time zones. When hiring new account managers, we make it a priority to recruit from the part of the world where most of our clients are from or where we forecast most of our future clients will be from based on our leads.
For example, we have account managers in South America that handle American and Canadian clients, and AMs in Europe and Asia that handle clients in Europe, the UK, Israel, Dubai, etc.
Beyond a glocal hiring approach, we also make sure that we set the right expectations with our clients and let them know how soon they can expect replies from us, how much in advance they need to let us know if they want to book calls with us, etc."

And within the team, we have strong processes to make sure that everyone across departments has enough time to work on their part of the task regardless of the client's or the team member's location.

So, there you have it, the ultimate email marketing wisdom from us to you. No fluff, no fuss – just the nitty-gritty that turns emails into engagement machines. You've got this, email maestro! 🚀


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