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Achieving an Extra 11% Revenue without a Brand and Popups (Short Case Study)

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

We've been working together with this client for almost 1 year on this store and we're a bit happy to see the stats of his store.

ok... we're actually VERY VERY happy!! :)

His store is going great and we could achieve to reach 11% of his total monthly revenue in June 2019.

Yes, 11% of the monthly revenue from email marketing. I know, it’s not a huge number, many brands get over 30%.

However, this store is a general store, selling everything just like Amazon, they don’t have a brand, and we couldn’t use popups because the client insisted on not using them.

So, when we started out we knew we were going to have a tough job to increase their revenue with email (also, the returning customer rate was not higher than 2%).

And voilá, we could achieve 11% extra revenue using our email marketing system.

Currency conversion in the screenshot is R$4 = $1


With my team, we set up a new system of segmentation to make more effective the inbox rate improvement by time. We're gonna write an article on this new segmentation system in the next days, so you don't miss out on anything.

We constantly test with subject lines and email content for campaigns and flows. These usually means dozens of tests per month.

+1: We're quite lucky because our copywriter is also an AB testing junkie, he loves testing with these big numbers. He was testing ALL the time…

There are 31 active email flows at this moment in the Klaviyo account of this store! We try to find ways to optimize the revenue wherever we can.

New winner product y > new flow

New category > new flow

New high-value audience > new flow

Once you have your good-to-go flows, and you get bigger and bigger, it's time to optimize your email flows.

31 email flows set up for the store

We talk about small extra percentages here but trust me, it accumulates by time and if you don't do it, you leave a tons of money on the table.

We tried new approaches to our newsletters. Joke emails, 3 best-selling product email, flash sales only for 48 hours, longer promo session.

Also, we started promoting products relating to the national sport of the country where this store runs. People love sport and they simply buy stuff because you show them actualities from their favorite sport event.

Finally (the pitch part, yes!! :): Even if your store is smaller than this, there's a way to make 11% and even more from email.

If you're interested how, click the link and let’s see if you qualify to work with us:

WHAT OUR CLIENT SAID: "I read an article from Daniel from one of the ecommerce Facebook groups and we had a call and started working together quite quickly. We generated nice mid-6-figure revenue from email without additional ad costs which is amazing. If you don't do email, don't be crazy, I can't recommend him enough." - Ondrej


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