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Are Your Emails Flushed Down the Toilet? (Case Study)

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I suppose...

You already know why email marketing is important. (If not, check out why by clicking here.)

You send automated sequences and manual campaigns because you know they can put an extra 15-30% to your monthly revenue.

You started building your email list and sending emails but your open rates are terrible, same with click-through, and email revenue.

What happened?

Email is not for me? Email is dead.


That's not the case AT ALL.

Just there's a thing that none of any of those ESPs talk about such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo. And not even most e-commerce/email agencies.

The magic word is your INBOX RATE.

Do your emails are actually seen by your audience?

Also, who can see them, those who have Gmail or Yahoo or AOL?

Plus, has your inbox rate been getting better or worse by time?

Check out the results of these 2 clients in the image below.

Client A:

This client has a smaller list and when we started working together, only 36% of his emails went to the inbox of the recipients. Half of Gmail went to spam, all of Hotmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

We added our Budai Media Secret Sauce and voilá:

The last inbox rate was 86% using G-Lock App. And as you can see in the image, the most of the emails actually went to the primary inbox of the recipients.

Client B:

This guy is around $1M/month and his list is bigger. We could improve his inbox rate by 44% and it was a tough job.

The list is huge and we wanted to cut out the unengaged segment but ensure before that we don't trash any of the email contacts that could have re-engage.

So, what's the secret sauce?

I. Send relevant emails to your audience. Period. Don't sell shit.

II. Create engaged segments and unengaged segments and send automated re-engagement flows to the un-engaged folks.

How to create these segments?

There are several options, the easiest is to segment them based on when they opened an email the last time.

For example, you can call 'Unengaged' those people who didn't open any emails in the last 90 days.

III. After 60-90-180 days they didn't open an email (depending on your sales cycle), delete those people from your email list.

You don't need those bad guys who don't read your emails anyway.

IV. Hmm... this point is a bit more advanced.

Secret Sauce ADVANCED Ingredient #4:

> Step I: Go to Glock App and make a spam test. Using the tool, you can see which email platforms put your emails into the spam folders and which don't. Glock App even shows you a percentage of the inbox - spam ratio.

> Step II: Based on this ratio (%), set up 3 different ranges for the 5 most commonly used email platforms and the rest. These are usually Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL. So, you have to create 6 different groups and check the inbox rate - spam rate separately:

- Range I (More than 70% of emails go to the spam folder)

- Range II (Inbox - Spam ratio is between 30 - 70%)

- Range III (Less than 30% of emails go to the spam folder)

> Step III: Set up segments in Klaviyo based on 2 things:

the email platform which the recipient use (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, other) AND

when the recipient opened any of your emails last time (within 10 days, 20 days, 30 days last time)

So, you'll get segments like: Gmail 10 days, Gmail 20 days, Gmail 30 days, Outlook 10 days, Outlook 20 days and so on..

See an example of Gmail 30 days segment in the image below.

> Step IV (the smart part of the job): Check out the inbox - spam ratio ranges in GLock App, which email platform is in which range?

You want to send emails only to the most engaged if the spam rate is high at one particualr email platform.

For example:

Gmail has a 80% spam rate, 20% inbox rate.

Gmail is in Range I, so we 'll send email campaigns only to the Gmail 10 days segment (who opened one of our emails within the last 10 days).

Outlook has a 50% spam and 50% inbox rate.

Outlook is in Range II, so we'll send campaigns only to the Outlook 20 days segment.


Because if you do spam tests bi-weekly, update the segments and to whom to send campaigns, your inbox rates will inevitably improve!!


Because you meet the most important rule of high inbox rate: YOU SEND OUT EMAILS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ENGAGED AND LOVE YOUR CONTENT.

Hope it helps you!

Getting out of the spam folder is crucial nowadays when everyone spams people out there.

If you don't want to learn the ins and outs of email marketing and you need help, click this link and let's see if we are a good fit to work together:


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