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How Our Setup Changes Your World (In Two Weeks)

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

In this article, you'll learn how even simple email automation can change your profit margins and ultimately, the way how your business operates.

Client Overview and Challenges

JAMIE: Jamie is from the Midlands, UK and he has two print-on-demand fashion stores mostly selling in the US, Canada, and England.

His businesses are in the 6-figure revenue range and he wanted to buy new printers to scale his business when he reached out to us. The new printers would help him to be able to fulfill more orders from his customers and scale his business.

He already had decent traffic but he needed extra profit to re-invest into his company.

He came to our agency to get started with professional eCommerce email marketing and we wanted to help him optimize his retargeting using our well-oiled email strategy.

How We Helped

Since Jamie had his email list in Mailchimp and we think this is far from being the best tool for Shopify stores, we migrated the email list into Klaviyo first.

For the store of Jamie, we migrated a list of 19,200 subscribers.

After the migration, we started creating the first email templates for the store and brainstorming about the best flow setup.

Because of budget reasons, we decided to go with our basic setup plan which doesn't cover our full setup package but it gives 80% of the results with 20% of the work.

So, scroll down and see in the image what flows we set up for the two stores.

Let's see the setup in short:

Optinmonster Mobile/Desktop Welcome Flow: We used Optinmonster popups to get more subscribers on the website, so we can retarget them later with our email flows and campaigns.

We usually separate the Desktop and Mobile traffic because of their different characteristics.

Abandoned Cart Flow: We usually make it long with 5-8 emails and try to cross-sell in the last emails. Don't be shy to sell! A good abandoned cart flow is one of your biggest assets!

New Customer Thank You Flow: We also use many emails in this flow, tell about the brand, direct people to social media, share content and of course, sell more stuff.

Browse Abandonment Flow: Similar to abandoned cart emails but these people are less engaged. For this reason, we rather incentivize people to browse even more in the store.

Popups: We usually set up 4-6 different popups as a kick start and segment people based on traffic sources and what product they are interested in. Be sure you don't set the triggers of your popups too aggressive, it could kill your website conversion rate!

Let's see what results we could achieve with this setup!

The 80/20 Rule Is Not BS.

You may think our setup is ridiculously simple and yes, it's not rocket science indeed! (However, we are able to do it well after years of experience)

So, let's see the numbers as a result.

This is the store of Jamie and it shows his results from October of 2018 through October of 2019.

As you can see, the five basic flows were responsible for 17% of his revenue in these 12 months without the full setup and without our campaigns.

You can bet what he told us after seeing these stats before the Q4 of 2019.

Once again, it's not our full package just the 80/20, we didn't setup every flow and we didn't send out any campaigns yet.

This store could easily generate 25-30% of its revenue from email marketing! (and if it depends on us, it will ;-)

If you want to get similar results but you don't want to learn the ins and outs of email marketing, click this link and let's see if we are a good fit to work together:

WHAT OUR CLIENT SAID: "I met Daniel at "the beginning" of Budai Media when he set up everything by himself.

I was blown away by his work regarding eCommerce email marketing and his incredible ability to craft great strategies and copy!

He helped me set up the main email flows for my clothing business and the flows have been generating an extra 20% of our monthly revenue for almost one year. Knowing his experience and the results we can get I reached out to him almost one year later to help me with my second fashion store.

The results speak for themselves!" - Jamie, the founder of High Dive Apparel

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