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Our Team's Guide to Mastering Retention Marketing in 2024

Updated: Jan 25

As we embrace another exciting year in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, it's clear that 2024 is shaping up to be a year where retention marketing takes center stage. In a world where retaining a customer is significantly more cost-effective and valuable than acquiring new ones, understanding and mastering retention strategies is more crucial than ever.

Our team, comprising designers, Klaviyo experts, account managers, copywriters, and SMS marketing specialists, is here to guide you through this vital aspect of e-commerce. Drawing from our six years of experience in partnering with over 200 brands, we’re excited to share insights that go beyond mere theory. This blog is dedicated to offering you practical, actionable strategies that can help you deepen customer loyalty, enhance engagement, and drive sustainable growth for your business in 2024. 

So let’s dive in: 

1. Optimize new customer onboardings

“Streamlining the onboarding process is crucial in preventing customer churn. A seamless onboarding experience enhances customer satisfaction from the outset, fostering brand loyalty and consistent engagement.” - Shaheer Khalid (Head of Quality Assurance)

One way of doing this is by setting up automated email and SMS flows to welcome, and educate new customers. You can create targeted automated email and SMS flows that trigger based on your customers behavior. For example: Setting up welcome flows to greet new subscribers vs abandoned cart flows to remind customers to complete their purchase. Eventually, you can also go deeper and segment your audience further into VIP’s based on their purchase history and behavior.

2. Build a story around your brand 

“Use storytelling – People connect with stories more than plain facts. Weave narratives into your copy that resonate with your audience. This could be customer success stories, the journey of your brand, or how your product solves a problem.” - Jon ( Senior Copywriter) 

In a world saturated with AI-generated content, readers are valuing authentic human interactions more than ever. We're not saying don’t use generative AI to speed up your content production, but we are suggesting that you pay closer attention to your strategy and tone. This means thoroughly editing what you've written and adding a flair of human touch. Incorporate customer success stories, personal anecdotes from your brand, or focus on your customers' problems rather than direct selling. Doing so can help you connect more meaningfully with your readers and customers.

3. Plan how many sales you want to run 

“Sit down and figure out how often you want to run sale events. My personal recommendation is between 6 and 7 times a year, only for the major sale events + a specific event that only applies to your store and helps you connect with your audience. For instance: We run a ‘Help a Pet Day Sale’ for one of our customers where the brand donates part of the money earned from the sale to different pet organizations.” - Santiago (Account Manager) 

Discounting your products year round isn’t a sustainable retention marketing strategy. Chalk out how many sale events you want to run in a year, and then build a solid email strategy that involves a mix of trust based and educational emails that provide value to your readers to build a long lasting connection with them. 

4. Use dynamic content and interactive elements to make your emails stand out

“Enhance retention marketing in Q1 with personalized email campaigns using dynamic content and interactive elements.” - Danelle Rae (Design Coach) 

By integrating dynamic content, emails become more than just messages; they transform into tailored experiences that resonate with each individual recipient. This can involve displaying products based on past purchases or browsing behavior, or even customizing messages based on user location or weather conditions. Adding interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or embedded videos further engages the reader, turning the email into an interactive journey rather than a static read. Such strategies not only captivate your audience but also increase the shareability of your emails.

5. Use URL shorteners 

“Shorten URLs in your messages for better aesthetics and track click-through rates. This data can help you analyze the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns and optimize them accordingly.” - Valentina ( Account Manager)

When it comes to SMS character space is at a premium, shortening URLs is a strategic move that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. They provide a cleaner, more streamlined appearance to your messages, making them more appealing and easier to read. 

Beyond just aesthetics, these shortened links are powerful tools for tracking click-through rates, offering valuable insights into customer engagement. By analyzing this data, you can gauge the effectiveness of each campaign, understand what resonates with your audience, and continuously refine your approach. 

So there you have it, our top retention marketing tips for 2024! We've covered everything from getting your new customers settled in, to telling your brand's story in a way that sticks, and even how to plan your sales without overdoing it. It's all about making those emails pop and your SMS messages count. We hope these tips from our team help you jazz up your marketing game. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. If you're interested in receiving more retention marketing tips each week, be sure to click here and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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