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How We Quadrupled Our Client's Email Revenue In 30 Days


More revenue from email campaigns during Black Friday


Generated through Black Friday email marketing campaigns in November

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Brand Story & Challenges

This email marketing case study shows how we helped an apparel brand increase the revenue they generate from email campaigns by 4X. They generated $44,957 in October; we increased this figure to $168,942 in just 30 days by implementing our Black Friday email campaigns.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sales events of the year, making them the busiest time for brands to compete with each other. As a result, brands need a unique strategy to help them stand out and win their customer's attention. We helped our client get a head-start on their competition by running a comprehensive week-long BFCM campaign.


That's not all! We also noticed that our clients were only generating 12% of their total revenue through email campaigns. We leveraged the holiday season by creating special pop-ups and added 6835 new active subscribers to our client's email list, increasing the revenue they generated from email campaigns to 31%.


In this case study, we'll share the strategy that we used to maximize our client's sales revenue during the holiday season and deep dive into the acquisition strategy we used to increase their subscriber base.

October 2021: Pre Budai Media


In October 2021, our clients generated $53,578 through email marketing. Only 12% of their total revenue was generated through email marketing.

November 2021: 1 month of working with Budai Media


We sent out our first email on the 16th of November 2021. In just 30 days of working with Budai Media, our clients were able to increase their sales revenue from email marketing to $168,942, which made up 22% of their total sales.

December 2022: 2 Months of working with Budai Media


In under 2 months of working with Budai Media, our clients were able to increase their sales revenue from email marketing to $403,804, which made up 31% of their total sales.

Subscriber Growth After Budai Media


We doubled our clients email list and added 6,835 new active subscribers by creating special holiday pop-ups and welcome flows.

 Before Budai Media

  • Only 12% of total revenue is generated through email marketing. 

  • $53,578 generated through email campaigns in October. 

  • Active email list of 6,000 subscribers.

After Budai Media

  • 31% of total sales revenue made through email campaigns in December. 

  • $168,942 generated through BFCM email campaigns in November. 

  • $403,804 generated through holiday email campaigns in December. 

  • Added 6,835 new profiles in two months.

How We Helped

We were able to increase our client's email marketing revenue by 4X during the holiday season; we also doubled their email subscriber list in just two months. Here's how we did it!

Optimizing Pop-Ups and Flows 

We wanted to build anticipation around our clients' holiday promotions. We did this by creating special pop-ups and welcome flows themed around the holiday season. Customers that visited the website were greeted with a pop-up that enticed them into signing up for a VIP list that gives them access to exclusive Black Friday and Christmas discounts. After signing up, they would automatically receive emails from a Welcome flow that was designed keeping the holiday season in mind. The key is to entice your customers with a special discount and follow that up with a good retention marketing plan. 

Check out this case study to learn more about setting up email flows. 

Rewarding the VIP Segment 

Your VIP customers are your most active customers. It includes returning customers and customers that tend to place high-value orders. It's important to segment them into a special list and entice them with more lucrative rewards. 

Our client's VIP list included returning customers that have made more than three purchases from the brand in the past and the list of all the new customers that signed up using their special pop-ups. Our clients generously offered this list an additional buy 2 get 1 free Black Friday offer on top of the existing 30% storewide discount

Our clients offered the rest of their customers a storewide 30% discount. This was done to encourage sales from their entire list. 

Creating a Detailed Campaign Calendar for Black Friday 

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is the busiest time for clients. Your customer's inbox is flooded with emails from every e-commerce store that they've ever subscribed to! 

Which is why it's crucial to start early and be persistent.

We created a 12 email flow for our client's Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign. This was carried out over a period of one week, giving our clients the headstart required to beat the Black Friday rush. 

We kickstarted the campaign by sending out a teaser email on the 16th of November. This was followed up by a series of emails that went on until the end of Cyber Monday. Here's a snapshot of the flow we created for our client.


We sent out additional emails to our VIP customers. The grand opening email sent out to the VIP customers generated over $44,966, making it the most profitable email of the entire campaign.


This Shopify marketing case study shows you how to optimize your email campaigns to generate more revenue during the holiday season. It also highlights how you can use Black Friday to increase your subscriber list, which helps generate long-term revenue


If you enjoyed this case study and want to learn more about holiday campaigns, make sure to check out how we generated $73,300 for a fashion brand on Black Friday Cyber Monday

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