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What Our Clients Say

Eugen Schulz, Ecommerce CEO

"I was referred to Budai by an ecommerce business owner friend of mine. Email revenue is $295,000 in the last 90 days and climbing. They seamlessly integrated the different back-end marketing tools and we even tried such things as a postcard campaign. They also take care of the high inbox rate of emails. Budai Media is a world-class team who take pride in their deep knowledge and drive great ROI on their monthly retainer.


We're amazed by this team!"


Xavier Couture, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

"At this moment, when I check our Klaviyo dashboard, I can see that 32% of our revenue was generated through emails in the last 3 months. Email and customer retention is undervalued these days, it’s difficult to build a solid brand without these. If you look for help regarding your retention and such channels as email, Messenger, SMS, Budai Media is your go-to partner."

Andreas König, eCommerce entrepreneur and consultant

"My business partner and I got a referral from a mutual friend with Daniel and his team. We wanted to increase our revenue using emails because we didn't have time and energy to learn and implement it properly. The Budai Media team changed the way we think about email flows and campaigns. When we started Q4, they generated a 6-figure amount using emails and tripled the sales from our website popups. No hand-holding required, these guys know what they're doing.

If you're looking for a talented, highly motivated, and self-sufficient team who is committed to your success, look no further than Budai Media."

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Nate Crawford, CEO of KobyEx

The team at Budia Media helped us increased our revenue by 51% through email marketing. They are knowledgeable in email marketing and have extensive experience with Klaviyo. They are one of the most professional agencies we have worked with. We planned on working with them in the future.


We highly recommend them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Budai Media?

We focus on e-commerce growth with a customer retention focus. Our brand and butter are managing client’s email, SMS, Messenger marketing, and website conversion and acquiring 20-40% of the monthly revenue through these channels.

Do you handle strategy, design, copywriting?

Yes, we have a team of copywriters on staff that are experts are delivering highly converting video ad copy. We do help with static images when requested but we do prefer that clients hire their own graphics team to deliver the best results.


What kind of clients do you have on your roster?

We focus on e-commerce only, we do really well with fashion, beauty, pets, outdoor, houseware, CBD but we already sold 3D printers to enterprises for $5K as well. The range of products is broad, we worked with 50+ e-commerce companies in the last 2 years in 30 different niches. We love working with people who wants to build their own e-commerce brand and have a focus on high customer satisfaction.


How is it like working with Budai Media?

Our team always strives for the best results and grow your business in the long-run. We are not interested in vanity metrics and short-term results. We cannot guarantee results but we always underpromise and overdeliver. We are not an agency with the fastest turnaround, we prefer planning weeks ahead and creating high-quality marketing pieces and great results. In our experience, if you look for a few hours or one-day turnaround, you should find a marketing employee instead.


Budai Media always tries to go the extra mile for its clients hand-in-hand with our partners. We partnered with the best software, marketing agency companies & ecommerce communities to strive for the success of our clients together.

We are a proud Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner and a Recart Partner Agency.

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