Budai Media Webinar - How to Scale Up Your Ecommerce Business in 2021?

We invited 6 experts to help you leverage your ecommerce business in 2021. Get ready for some insights from digital marketing rockstars.

Where will it happen? 

Budai Media's exclusive Facebook Group & Zoom

When will it happen?     

January 28th at 12pm EST (6pm CET)

Budai Media is delighted to invite 6 experts from ecommerce to join our first webinar in 2021! They will be sharing the best insights for ecommerce business owners to scale up their business this year and how marketing enthusiasts can help their clients succeed.

This webinar is perfect if you:​​​

Are an ecommerce business owner eager to scale beyond 8-figures

Are just starting out with big plans

Are in the digital marketing world

Want to scale up your ecommerce in 2021

Want to know the secrets on how to build a successful ecommerce store

Want to learn how to explore some of the best digital marketing channels


Ben Erdelyi is the Senior Account Manager at Budai Media. An expert which helps the team at Budai Media to accomplish his goals and improve even more by learning new skills, doing ongoing testings, and always filling up areas that can definitely be improved on Budai Media's client's websites.


Daniel Budai uses a holistic approach that helped 50+ ecommerce stores all over the globe to increase their revenue using the best retention marketing strategies available in the market.


The CEO & Founder of Budai Media is proud of generating more than $10 million in extra revenue to all of his clients since he started his own agency.

Daniel Budai

CEO and Founder @ Budai Media

Ben Erdelyi

Senior Account Manner @ Budai Media


Erik Huberman

CEO and Founder @ Hawke Media

The Founder & CEO of Hawke Media, the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the United States. Launched in 2014, Hawke Media has been valued at $75 million and has grown from seven to over 150 employees. 


Hawke Media has taken home numerous industry awards including inclusion on the Inc. 5000 2017 list of “Fastest Growing Companies”, Fortune Magazine’s “50 Best Workplaces in Southern California” & Forbes’ “Content Marketing Companies to Check Out in 2018.”

Soma Arnold Toth is the CEO & Co-Founder of Recart, a tool that helps merchants communicate with their customers much more effectively through the channel they're constantly on: their phones. Recart is installed by more than 120,000 Shopify merchants and they've sent messages to more than 90 million people in the world.


Soma Tóth

CEO and Co-Founder @ Recart

Kevin Urrutia

Founder @ Voy Media


Representing the amazing team at Klaviyo we have Allie Guertin. Klaviyo empowers creators to own their destiny. Klaviyo also helps brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, SMS, Facebook, and Instagram marketing.

Last, but not least, Kevin is the founder of Voy Media, a performance-based, full-service agency that does more than just sales and branding: they speak fluent internet. That means they create images that stop the scrolling, words that get people thinking (hi), and marketing strategies that ensure their other talents don’t get lost in the digital abyss.

Allie Guertin

Channel Customer Success Manager @ Klaviyo

Learn from experts how to scale up your ecommerce business in 2021!