Scale Your Ecommerce Revenue With Retention Marketing And Stop Spending More Painful Ad Dollars

We help customer-obsessed ecommerce brands grow their sales with retention marketing.  5X ROI guaranteed. We build your retention strategy so you don’t get lost in the details. 

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"Email revenue is $295,000 in the last 90 days and climbing." - Eugene Schulz, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Let’s face it…you can’t guarantee that your customers are going to come back (yet).

But what if you could?

Dear business builder,


We get it. 


Growing a business is hard. Really hard. 


You probably already have lots of customers. 


But you’re worried you’re never going to see them again.  


The uncertainty is turning your hair fifty-shades-of-grey.


But you’ve just learned about retention marketing. 


Let’s send a newsletter once a week! 


Now you’re being pulled in zillions of directions. 


What about email marketing flows? Drop $5K on flow setup.


Errrrrbody’s talking about SMS marketing…let’s give that ago. 


Actually…should I learn email design? 


Ah yes, that’s it! 


That’s what I need to get more returning customers!


Wait, hang on! What about…


*Burnout incoming*


After, talking to 1,000+ entrepreneurs in the last 5 years, we know that most business owners have a shiny object syndrome.


At the same time, they’re thinking, “I can and I will do everything!”


Posting newsletters without list segmentation.


Sending text messages during Black Friday. 


They end up doing a little bit of this… a little bit of that. 


Soon, they’re tearing out their hair with all the things that they have to do. 


It’s a dark and cold place to be. 




If you’re reading this, you’ve probably scaled your business to a certain level. 


But you’re struggling to increase your number of returning customers. 


Where the true high-profit margin lies. 


Even if you put all of your efforts into it. 


You hustle hard. 


You work your face off. 


You simply want more returning customers.. 


More sales.


More profit. 


More time.


Focusing on what you are the best at.


Without wearing multiple hats.


Without being worried of ever-increasing ad costs. 


Without learning the ins and outs of email, SMS marketing, and loyalty programs. 


Without spending tens of thousands of dollars and 18 months of implementation. 


Whatever your end goal is, we have good news for you…


We have a solution.


Soon, you will say, “We’re making more profit than ever before with our returning customer base.” 

You'll consistently and predictably get more returning customers, higher profits, and more free time focusing on what you love to do. 


You’ll be calm. 

And this all starts by clicking the Big Green Button below.

"Working with Budai Media has transformed the way we do email marketing.


I have enjoyed working with Ben over the past two months. He has taken time to learn and understand how our business works, and we have worked together to develop an email marketing strategy that compliments that."


Grace Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Valentte


We Build Your Retention Marketing: What Does This Mean?

We do only one thing. As simple as that. 


We help ecommerce brands unlock growth through retention marketing.


We get you more returning customers. 


So that you can focus on what you’re good at: leading your company and sharpening your product.


If you were to hire a badass marketer to come to build out your retention marketing, they would be building 3 main pillars into your business: automation, campaigns, SMS marketing.


The problem is that’ll cost you an arm and a leg, 12-months of your time, and you’ll run the risk of hiring someone who has probably never built a full-blown retention program for an ecommerce brand. 


We’ve built over 100 retention programs for ecommerce brands. 


And we’ll build yours in 1 month.


Automated email flows have the highest impact on your ecommerce business.


Once they are set up, they’ll generate extra revenue for your business forever.

Manage subscribers at different stages of the customer journey

Retargets your website traffic without ads

Generate a passive stream of income for your store.


Nature vs nurture? While it’s your job to form the nature of your brand, we send regular email marketing campaigns to nurture your subscriber base. 


We’ll send them the right message at the right time using advanced list segmentation. No more annoying customers with irrelevant emails.

“The money is in the list” - monetize your list with campaigns any time

With advanced segmentation, you send the right message to the right people at the right time

Nurturing your list to build brand trust and authenticity


Besides email, SMS has the best ROI for your customer retention and profitability. 

With a 97% open rate and 20% - 30% click rate, your customers are going to read what you send. 


Adding SMS to your marketing mix is like hitting the ‘Boost’ button on a Ferrari. You’ll be unstoppable.

Everyone will see your message

Highest ROI marketing channel today

Underutilized marketing channel - stand out from your competitors and connect with your subscribers 

Our Results Speak For Themselves


"Thanks to the efforts of Budai Media, the revenue connected to the email has doubled. Their workflow has been highly effective, and the team easily adopts the client's communication method.


They are reliable, results-driven, and collaborative."

Thomas Strand, DTC Director at Tree To Tub

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"After 4 months of working together, we are now over 50% extra revenue just from email marketing. On top of this, we built stronger relationships with our amazing customers and our emails look better than ever."

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