Daniel Varga, Online Marketing Director of iGlass Hungary

I reached out to Daniel and his team many times and their knowledge is phenomenal, they always educate themselves and they always attend all these email marketing events, they always improve themselves, so whatever I ask they can always help me out.

Andreas König, eCommerce entrepreneur and consultant

My business partner and I got a referral from a mutual friend with Daniel and his team. We wanted to increase our revenue using emails because we didn't have time and energy to learn and implement it properly. The Budai Media team changed the way we think about email flows and campaigns. When we started Q4, they generated a 6-figure amount using emails and tripled the sales from our website popups. No hand-holding required, these guys know what they're doing.
If you're looking for a talented, highly motivated and self-sufficient team who is committed to your success, look no further than Budai Media.

Ondrej Roba, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

I read an article from Daniel from one of the ecommerce Facebook groups and we had a call and started working together quite quickly. We generated nice mid-6-figure revenue from email without additional ad costs which is amazing. If you don't do email, don't be crazy, I can't recommend him enough.

Wilco den Brok, Co-Founder of LYE

I looked for ways to outsource our email marketing and this is how we found Daniel from a Facebook group. By using his system, we generated over $100K extra revenue. They also put your story into the emails in a great way.

Zee, Marketing Director,

Daniel and his team provided good expertise on our Klaviyo email automation project. They prepared plan and suggestion what needs to be done and proceeded with execution after we approved the plan. We will be working with them in the future on developing our email automation further.

Ivan Borovikov, CEO of Mindbox

I was looking for a marketing agency owner who had experience in the UK market to review our all-over marketing platform, Mindbox.Cloud because we needed more experience in this market. This is how I found Daniel, and he started using our software immediately. He delivered precisely what I had been looking for and did a great and meticulous job!​

During our work, I felt he had a proper understanding of email and e-commerce marketing and wanted to bring his best performance to help us. We’re going to stay in contact with him and looking forward to working with him during our expansion in the UK and US markets

Jamie, Founder of High Dive Apparel

I met Daniel at "the beginning" of Budai Media when he set up everything by himself.
I was blown away by his work regarding eCommerce email marketing and his incredible ability to craft great strategies and copy!
He helped me set up the main email flows for my clothing business and the flows have been generating an extra 20% of our monthly revenue for almost one year.
Knowing his experience and the results we can get I reached out to him almost one year later to help me with my second fashion store.
The results speak for themselves!

Nate Crawford, CEO of KobyEx

The team at Budia Media helped us increased our revenue by 51% through email marketing. They are knowledgeable in email marketing and have extensive experience with Klaviyo. They are one of the most professional agencies we have worked with. We planned on working with them in the future. We highly recommend them.

Xavier Couture, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

At this moment, when I check our Klaviyo dashboard, I can see that 32% of our revenue was generated through emails in the last 3 months. Email and customer retention is undervalued these days, it’s difficult to build a solid brand without these. If you look for help regarding your retention and such channels as email, Messenger, SMS, Budai Media is your go-to partner.

Tony Heally , Cute Dose

I’d been following the Budai Media team for a while and I decided to start working with them during Q4 of 2019. It’s always been a great experience to work with them, they helped me communicate with our audience better and they always proactively come up with new ideas to test and grow. This proactive mindset makes them unique today and our partnership work well.

Eugen Schulz, Ecommerce CEO

I was referred to Budai by an ecommerce business owner friend of mine. Email revenue is $295,000 in the last 90 days and climbing. They seamlessly integrated the different back-end marketing tools and we even tried such things as a postcard campaign. They also take care of the high inbox rate of emails. Budai Media is a world-class team who take pride in their deep knowledge and drive great ROI on their monthly retainer. We're amazed by this team

Timotej, Serial Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Our European-based ecommerce business needed help to set up email marketing and I reached out to Budai Media because I could see their previous results and heard good things about them from other business owners. They were flexible because we needed Italian copywriting and we used a custom website solution and they helped us with Klaviyo integration as well. Overall, we’re very happy with their work, they’re great at what they do and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended if you want to give your retention marketing to seasoned experts!

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