About us


Budai Media was founded on the belief that every modern ecommerce company should adapt to market changes fast if they want to outgrow their competition. And if you like going fast, you must be an unlimited thinker. 


Are you bored with marketing and business books?

A few years after I founded this agency, I got bored by traditional marketing books and most business books. They repeat the same principles over and over again. So, I decided to get deeper and wider at the same time. I got back to such foundational books as “On the Origin of Species” or the biography of Benjamin Franklin. Also, I read the favorite book of Elon Musk, “Structures” and other books about mechanics (and if you think that books had a major effect on me as the founder of this agency, then yes, you are right). 


Going back to the basics while studying other areas of science and life is the key to being innovative and adaptable. 


Just think about how many innovations from the army or elite sports now are part of our modern lives in the last few decades. 


At Budai Media, we are lateral thinkers, we go back to the basics of marketing psychology while we also get wider and think holistically. If anything changes, you don’t have to worry because we understand the whole ecosystem not only one channel like most marketing agencies. 


Also, while we are flexible, we have robust systems to make sure no detail escapes our attention. Wonder why? When we started out, we made a few crucial mistakes. 


To be honest, these almost ended my career. 


So, we sat down with our team and we kept only one thought in our minds: “Planes don’t crash, why should ours work?” (planes are much more complex structures, right?)


We spent long weeks creating long checklists and manuals and training materials for the team. And we keep updating them regularly.


And two years later, we have a system that has a 99.8% accuracy while still being custom-tailored for every client of ours. 


We don’t have these complaints anymore, in fact, many 7 and 8-figure clients became our best advocates. 


But all of these were worth nothing without one thing:


We must always remember that every client success story means a fulfilled entrepreneurial dream, countless new workplaces created, and millions of consumers’ lives impacted. 

Daniel Budai,
Founder & CEO at Budai Media

Meet The Team

Budai is a fully remote company with an international culture which helps us see things differently than most companies. Our team members are based in 12 countries from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. We’ve had clients in 6 different languages from English-speaking countries, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, UAE and unlike most companies we are not afraid of even the most exotic markets. 


Ben is our Senior Account Manager and also working as a content writer for our content team. After years of living in different countries in Europe, Ben is now living in Bali and has been with us since 2018.

Ben Erdelyi

Business Developer Manager

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 7.44.45 PM - Ni

If the internet had been invented when Nick was a child, he'd have dreamed then of doing what he does now. Instead, he spent years as a journalist, teacher, and editor before turning to email marketing. Nick has helped everyone from start-ups to big global brands connect with their customers, finding the right words for the best ideas.

Nick Marshall

Email Copywriter


Sofía has more than eight years of digital marketing experience. She has a PPC and Social Ads background. Still, for more than four years, she has had more integral and strategic roles. She managed teams for clients all over Latin America, the US, Europe, and Australia. And love data & creativity, from research to data analysis. This means she is comfortable crafting an effective strategy for an organization's whole digital ecosystem.

Sofía Vargas Sandoval

Senior Account Manager


Jon's been a full-time copywriter since 2008. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Argentina, where he spends his free time drinking yerba mate, perfecting his Spanish, and sampling the southern hemisphere's finest wines. He's created email copy for ecommerce stores in multiple niches covering everything from pets to health and beauty products.

Jon France

Email Copywriter

Online profile photo - Mohit Kumar.png

Mohit comes from an engineering background. What keeps him going is his inherent ability to research anything and generate big ideas. From affiliate marketing to copywriting to email marketing for ecommerce stores, he is always ready to help businesses. In his spare time, he likes to read books and magazines, and he is always enthusiastic about learning new things.

Mohit Kumar

Senior Klaviyo Expert

Komarova Daria color v1 - Daria Komarova.jpg

Daria is a Senior Web Designer with about 5 years of experience in web design. Focused on designing beautiful interfaces & intuitive interactions. Highly motivated and skilled. Daria has a lot of experience in email design and good experience in creating web services, landing pages and websites.

Komarova Daria

Senior Graphic Designer

foto Nina - Valentina Rasello.jpg

Valentina is an Italian living in Shanghai - Email Account Manager at Budai Media. Her passion for foreign languages (English, Spanish and Chinese) led her to explore the world and meet different cultures and beautiful people. Valentina approached the world of Marketing because she has always been interested in human psychology and how people make decisions and interact with brands. Her mantra is "do what you'll love, and you'll never work another day in your life".

Valentina Rasello

Account Manager

Our core values


Taking ownership of your personal and the client’s growth

If you don’t grow today, you wasted your day. We take full ownership of the growth of the client and our team members. We want to understand the whole business of our clients, not only “to deliver the work”. We always strive for new ideas to test and we can’t stay calm if we can’t experiment with new things. It’s in our DNA. 


Providing regular feedback and mentoring the whole ecommerce universe

Quick feedback loops, learning from everyone, open-mindedness and these supported by a helpful culture. These make sure that we can go fast in the ever-changing ecommerce world. We all try to do our best and help everyone achieve their best. While we don’t babysit anyone, we are here to get asked and help you with our answers. 


Accountability is our currency. Like clockwork

We spent hundreds of hours mastering our processes because of our story. In the past, we got burnt by doing many mistakes for our first clients. We learned the lesson and by today accountability and accuracy became our hallmark. We implemented checklists that even jet pilots would be jealous of. Planes don’t crash, so our work shouldn’t, either.


Alpha and omega of working together. It’s impossible without mutual respect

Without respect, we’re lost. Kindness, gratitude, mutual respect: these are our go-to traits. If you can’t be nice to people, please don’t work with us. We can achieve great results only if we respect other human beings.


We believe in transparency and direct communication. It makes things easier. 

We embrace good conflicts because conflicts mean that people care. In good conflicts, the best ideas win. We are able to discuss with each other and never take a difference of opinion personally.  Transparency, direct communication make sure we adapt fast to changes in ecommerce.

Who should join us

Our team is always open to working with other high-performing individuals whether they are partners or team members. If you share our core values, you are someone who likes responsibility, not a perfectionist but accurate and can keep deadlines, someone who wants to grow within an international team of marketers, this job might be for you. 


We’re looking for self-starting, energetic individuals to help our agency reach new heights every day. The ideal applicant is an expert in your field, passionate, intelligent, and dedicated to achieving success in an amazing team. Since we expect a lot from Budai employees, we provide flexibility, incentives, and fair compensation, and even more perks. 


  • Flexibility regarding the location and working hours. Work from anywhere you want and any time. 

  • Regular training sessions in-house and we also invite experts from other companies

  • Great opportunities for promotion since we’re still a small team and growing fast. 

  • Incentives to perform better in your job. 

  • Travel opportunities to big conferences, workshops (such as T&C in San Diego or Klaviyo BOS in Boston)


Every day is Day One and we’re growing fast. Be a part of our success story.

PS: We need a short introduction only and let us know why you are interested in working in our team. Afterward, we contact you and we can start a conversation to see if we are a good fit to work together.