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How We Generated $72,300 For a Fashion Brand On Black Friday’s Week


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Brand Story & Challenges

This Massachusetts-based shades brand is one-of-a-kind.  There is a story of great triumph behind the company, a huge motivation for us with a hero at its core. After a traumatic experience in life, he created his own brand and came to us hoping to find help developing it. 


We started working in early 2020 when the brand had only a few basic email automation set up, and they needed an email campaign schedule as well. 


From the first moment of working together, the brand identity had a crucial role in our collaboration. The founder of the brand himself is also knowledgeable about different marketing strategies, and it helped us when we worked together. Soon, we built out seven email automation, and we created regular email campaigns to nurture the audience. We were close to 30% monthly revenue from email, and it was close to 5% before. 


Our next challenge was to make Black Friday-Cyber Monday a success story for the client without being too salesly and staying true to the brand’s values. 

Before Budai Media

  • No email flows setup

  • Wheelio popup with good conversion but low-quality subscribers

  • Only promotional email campaigns

  • Only a few % of monthly revenue from email

After Budai Media

  • Seven email flows with branded design

  • Regular email campaign schedule built out

  • Popups with straightforward offers attracting high-quality subscribers

  • 33% extra revenue from email generating $209,000 after 3 months

  • $72,300 email revenue generated on Black Friday’s week

How We Helped

‘Less is more’

During our collaboration, both the client and we were meticulous about smart design to match the website and creative copy that really resonated with the audience. Our strategy was to convey a charming, respectful brand image in emails that engage customers long-term.


It’s not a secret that the brand’s high standards pushed our design team further as well, and we gained new experience with it. We can say that our design team achieved a new level of confidence after working with this client.


After the initial setup of email flows, pop-ups, and a few months of partnership, we wanted to create an excellent plan for the holiday season in 2020. 

The strategy requested by our client was simple: “Less is more.”


In the beginning, we created 15 emails per month, but we slowly changed our way of seeing things and started sending one lengthy newsletter each month and a few promo emails when we wanted to run a sales event. 


Most brands would never implement such a strategy, but we believed in this brand’s highly engaged audience. 


“If we send less, they will appreciate and engage even more.”


 That was our philosophy. 

Black Friday strategy

Embracing the new line of thinking, we didn’t create an overarching strategy before Black Friday that lasted weeks as most fashion brands do.


We kept it simple and created a seven-day long sales event starting one week before Black Friday and ending on the day of Black Friday. Additionally, we sent a few more emails during the weekend and Cyber Monday. 

Sending one week before Black Friday seemed to be the right move, as inboxes are full closer to Black Friday. 


We could capitalize on this, and the first sales even grand opener email generated more than $29,000 in one day!


The following emails in the next seven days generated over $72,000. 

SLYK 4.png

The actual emails were relatively simple, design-oriented with banners, short copy straight to the offer. 


During the sales event, the grand opener event, daily reminder and urgency emails in the last few days played a crucial role. We also sent out a thank you email to the audience because we wanted to express our gratitude for their purchases. 


This is an excellent way of thinking about sales.


Was this really about Black Friday?


We shouldn’t ignore the bigger picture about these remarkable results over the course of seven days.


We can see that brands achieving great Black Friday results are well-prepared, and Black Friday is won or lost weeks and months before the event itself. 


This is about their strategy and how they speak to their audience. 


How did we achieve this result? 

  • A lot of client communication

  • Trying to understand the point of view of his customers

  • Finding the best way to go to the next level with engagement: it this case, it was fewer emails with high-level design and requested content by subscribers

  • Testing and trying new things while pushing our boundaries together 

Overall, this strategy generated 33% of this brand’s revenue during Q4 of 2020, which represented $209,000 extra revenue for this client.

SLYK 1.png

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