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$1.3 Million Generated Using Klaviyo Email Marketing For An Ecommerce Store In The Pet Niche


Of Revenue Generated from Email Marketing



Made from Automated Flows

Generated With Broadcasted Email Campaigns

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Brand Story & Challenges

This client of ours operates in the pets niche. They sell products specifically for dogs. There is one product, in particular, that is just the textbook definition of a winner. It just doesn’t seem to get oversaturated ever. People keep buying them. 


Andreas came to us over 2 years ago, when they were already doing really well on the front end, they just needed someone to take care of the email marketing and take their customer retention to the next level.

email marketing

Andreas König, eCommerce entrepreneur and consultant

My business partner and I got a referral from a mutual friend with Daniel and his team.


We wanted to increase our revenue using emails because we didn't have time and energy to learn and implement it properly.


The Budai Media team changed the way we think about email flows and campaigns.


When we started Q4, they generated a 6-figure amount using emails and tripled the sales from our website popups.


No hand-holding required, these guys know what they're doing.

email marketing
email marketing

Before Budai Media (June 2019)

  • $67,000 generated from flows in June 2019

  • $134 generated from campaigns in June 2019

  • Overall that accounts for about 9% of revenue from Klaviyo email marketing

After Budai Media (June 2020)

  • $106,762 generated from flows in June 2019

  • $34,194 generated from campaigns in June 2019

  • Overall that accounts for 23% of revenue from Klaviyo email marketing

How We Helped

What you can see above is June 2019 compared to June 2020.


We came onboard a bit after June. Here is July 2019.

email marketing

This is when the guys first contacted us. They sent a few July 4th campaigns and things of that nature which led to an increase in the campaign’s revenue from just $134 to $94,000.


Let’s take a look at August.

sms marketing

As you can see, there was a big drop.


Don’t worry, that happens.


We set up our flows and went live this month and just like with anything good in life: they take time to show good results.


22k from flows and just $235 from campaigns. This is not too surprising, since we didn’t send campaigns in that period. We believed at the time that it's best if we first put our full attention on the flows and once those are done we start with campaigns.


We actually changed our process since then a little bit, nowadays when we onboard a new client we instantly start sending campaigns which helps us:


A: Make money.

B: Get on the same page with the client more effectively regarding copywriting and design. 


Here is September 2019.

ecommerce email marketing

Another drop!


“Oh my days guys, why do you show me this case study when the initial results were not good?”


So the thing is that in September 2019 the client actually had some technical issues which stopped them from advertising the brand. This led to a big decrease in their total revenue to about $31,000.


What you CAN see, however, is that the campaign’s revenue jumped to over $1,290 compared to just a few hundred dollars the month before. At this point, we were still careful as our main focus was to warm up the whole list.


Here are our first few email campaigns in all their glory:

ecommerce clients

As you can see, it’s mostly content and relationship-building type of emails. One thing I actually would not do anymore is sending that Win-Back campaign. It’s a tad risky to do when you are trying to warm up a list since these people are quite unengaged.


Here is what happened in October 2019:

email marketing platforms

The numbers:


  • Flows: $81k

  • Campaigns $23k

  • Not attributed to email: $313k

  • Revenue from email: over 25%


It’s starting to look pretty good, right?


Here is November 2019

marketing strategy
  • Flows: 221k

  • Campaigns $23k

  • Not attributed to email: $506k

  • Revenue from email: over 32%


A quick disclaimer: November is usually the best month in ecommerce, so the fact that the store revenue went way above 750k was not that big of a surprise, but the revenue from flows followed the trend upwards quite nicely!


Black Friday rules.


December 2019

email marketing features

Christmas helped us grow to almost $1 million in December 2019. We sometimes run 2 sales events this month:


  1. Pre-Christmas

  2. Post-Christmas


Here is January 2020:

customer lifetime value

As you can see the numbers started being more consistent around these months and we just kept optimizing the flows while sending a healthy mixture of promos and content emails to our engaged subscribers.


Later on, we even introduced our “high-tier” design package to enhance the premium feel of the brand and grow our good reputation further.


One more thing we did was introducing SMS and messenger marketing which did extremely well, you can read more about that in our other case study about this client here:


And then all of this has led to over $1.3 Million generated over the course of 12 months between April 2020 and April 2021.

ecommerce businesses

Key takeaways:

  1. The results of new email flow take a month or two to fully be realized

  2. Pay a lot of attention to warming up your list if you haven’t sent campaigns or any emails yet

  3. Stay patient

  4. Consider going omnichannel with email, messenger, SMS, and maybe even push notifications

  5. Listen to our epic podcast to find out more and take your retention marketing to the next level:

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