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$540,000 Generated From Email Marketing Alone

Brand Story & Challenges

Our client operates in the North American vaping industry. They approached us with decent site traffic and a steady revenue flow. However, their email open and click rates were very low.

Their request? A brand new email marketing strategy. One that generates more revenue, increases customer retention and grows their list. The following email marketing ecommerce case study shows what strategies we used to achieve this.  

Legal restrictions on vape advertising proved to be the main challenge of working in this area of ecommerce. The wrong type of messaging would put our clients at risk of losing their licenses.

We ensured total legal compliance at no detriment to our client’s revenue. In fact, their email marketing case study shows that the percentage of store revenue generated from emails increased by over 25%. 


Following the success of our flow setup, we began working together on email marketing campaigns in October 2020. Their email marketing campaign case study is also included below.

Before working with us

4 Months After We Set Up Email Flows



Total store revenue generated from emails


Revenue from emails in one year

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Before Budai Media

After Budai Media

  • Very basic email setup - 1 abandoned cart flow, and 1 welcome flow

  • Below 13% daily average open rate in February 2020

  • Below 10% of total store revenue from emails

  • 5 automated email flows set up

  • 43.1% daily average open rate in June 2020

  • 35% of total store revenue from emails

  • Over $540,000 made from emails alone in the last year

How We Helped

Email flows: are essential to every email marketing ecommerce case study. Our client came to us with only 2 email flows set up: one for abandoned cart and one welcome flow.


So we set up five simple yet effective email flows to maximize conversion and create an automated revenue stream.


Abandoned Cart Flow: New and improved for one of the highest converting flows there is. 


Welcome Flow: An improved flow for people who have signed up via popups.

marketing budai.png

And the flows we started from scratch: 


Browse Abandonment Flow: This flow is to engage site visitors and give them another opportunity to convert.


New Customer Flow: This flow has one of the highest open rates, so we made sure to make their post-purchase flow as inviting as possible.


One of the biggest mistakes we see in ecommerce occurs when stores use the same flow for a Welcome sequence and a New Customer sequence. These flows are targeted at different audiences and should not have the same incentives.  


We make sure to provide appropriately different incentives for different segments in order to maximize conversion.


Returning Customer Flow: Our client specified that they wanted to increase customer retention. A returning customer flow recognizes and rewards loyal customers.

It takes around 3 - 4 weeks to set up a series of effective email flows. Once they’re set up, you’ll begin to see results within a few months. 


We set up our client’s flows in Spring. In June 2020, open rates had soared to 43.1% with a click rate of 8.80% 


Email flows are automated money-making machines. And you don’t have to stop at 5! Check out more email marketing case study examples for flow ideas beyond the 5 essentials. 


In October 2020, we began setting up campaign emails. In the following email marketing campaign case study, we’ll dive into different types of content emails and our most effective strategies for increasing click rates.

Campaign emails are divided into 3 categories:


Communicative emails that encourage brand-customer conversation.




Longer form emails on subject matter relevant to your store. In this case, vaping.


Sales emails​​

Sales announcements, reminders, and product promos.

Introducing two CTA buttons is one of the most simple but effective ways to increase conversions. In this email marketing campaign case study, instead of a simple: 


button, we brought in: 



This simple change shifts the thought process for the reader. The thought, “Should I click this or not?” becomes, “Which button shall I click?”. This is a highly efficient way to increase click rates for any ecommerce store that sells multiple products or brands. 


The month following implementation,

our client made over $30,000 from email

campaigns alone.



As demonstrated in their email marketing case study, we set up a highly lucrative and automated stream of revenue for our client. Beyond email flows, we’re continuing to maximize CRO, increase customer retention, and generate revenue through campaign emails. It’s safe to say we’re very excited for Q4 2021! 

Check out more email marketing case study examples to find out what the Budai Media Effect could do for your business.

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