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How we added 28% extra revenue to a 7-Figure footwear brand


Monthly Revenue Increase


Extra Annual Revenue

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Brand Story & Challenges

This client sells footwear to older women in the US. The products have a unique approach and they also fit the needs of the elderly (which is not easy with shoes for them).


The brand already had a solid social media presence and they used an educative approach on social media and their website to sell the products.


The team of the client was the master of Facebook and Instagram ads, good content, however, they didn't tap on the opportunities of email marketing yet.


The email list contained 19,400 people and it was mostly unused in Mailchimp.


Digging more into the customer data, we realized fast how big an opportunity it was for us to increase the revenue of the store and improve the profit margins.


Sergey, eCommerce entrepreneur 

Working with the Budai Media team has been great.


Their client service is extremely responsive, they pay very close attention to detail and they definitely know what they are doing!


They are always up-to-date about industry trends, which ensures we stay ahead of our competition.


They always suggest how things in our eCommerce store can be improved and it always gives us great results!Not only do they create great marketing campaigns but always optimize our existing automations.


Highly recommend for any eCommerce business owners who want to maximize their revenue and profit margins but also want to spend more time  developing their business and not spend so much time doing important but tedious work!


Results after the first 12 months

2020-05-24 19_47_20-Klaviyo.png

Before Budai Media

- One of the cheapest and least professional email software used by the client

- No popups deployed on the website

- No email sequences except the Abandoned Cart flow

- No monthly campaign calendar to monetize the email list regularly

After Budai Media

- A list of 19,400 subscribers migrated to Klaviyo from Mailchimp

- Popups implemented segmented by product line and traffic source

- Nine automated email flows setup

- Bi-weekly inbox rate measurement and inbox rate above 90% 

- $317,000 extra revenue after the first 12 months of working together with the client

How We Helped

We sat down with the team and the client and sketched the plan on how to achieve our goals together. The main goal was to achieve at least 20% of the revenue from emails.


It was easy to see that the first thing to do is to get rid of Mailchimp and use a pro eCommerce email marketing tool. We chose Klaviyo.


Secondly, we wanted to install popups on the website to get more subscribers and grow the email list much faster.


We decided to migrate the email list from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and start using Optinmonster for popups. Both tools work amazingly with Shopify stores.


Let's see the two stages of our work:



Our setup plan took two weeks and our main goal was to set up the automation which will bring in revenue in the future whatever happens.


After we migrated the email list from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, we set up the following email sequences:

  • New customer upsell flow

  • Birthday flow

  • Returning customer flow

  • VIP customer flow

  • Win-back flow

  • Re-engagement flow

  • Popup Subscribers flow

  • Abandoned cart flow

  • Browse abandonment flow

These automated email flows make sure that your visitors and customers are nurtured well based on their actions.


Since these flows are based on the behavior of people, they outperform other email marketing tactics.


We also set up different popups based on traffic types such as mobile and desktop traffic and we created different popups for different product pages.




After the initial setup, we knew that we are far from having the perfect email strategy.


Testing and optimization of the whole system take a long time.


We activated the first flows to warm up the email list since they hadn't received any emails for a while.


We measured the inbox rate of the emails and we got surprised because the inbox rate was over 90% (which is very good).


We created the first campaigns to warm even more the email list. It's not recommended to start selling right away in the first campaigns, so we sent out content, positive customer reviews to build trust, a survey to recent customers, and even jokes every Monday.


These warmed up the audience and they get ready to buy. We started sending promo emails with the first offers.


Since then, we tested a lot and achieved great success with campaigns, especially during holidays.


Besides the campaigns, we created new flows and adjusted them regularly while we monitored the inbox rate of the emails.


After the two weeks setup program, the revenue of the store already increased and after implementing our optimization program, it dramatically increased.


By the mid-summer of 2019, 29% of the revenue of the store came from email marketing.


See the first screenshot where you can see the stats of the store before implementing our email marketing strategy and see the second screenshot with the 29% extra monthly revenue 3 months later.


You can see that the email revenue was zero in April and it grew to 29% of the monthly revenue after 3 months.



UPDATE: See the second screenshot, between May 2019 and May 2020, we generated an extra $317K revenue, 28% of the revenue of the store in the last 21 months.

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