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Invest Into The Highest-ROI Ecommerce Marketing Channel: SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the highest-ROI marketing channel for ecommerce stores.

Here are some statistics:

➕ It has a 95% open rate

➕ SMS marketing messages has a 20-30% average click rate. So, one-third of your recipients go to your website. 

➕ The average recipient reads your text message within 2 minutes. 

➕ SMS has an average of 45% response rate

 46% of US-based customers have a smartphone

➕ Even consumers over 55 years spend at least 60 minutes a day on their mobile devices text messaging

Knowing these, the 55X ROI of SMS marketing that many of our ecommerce partners experience, it's not even surprising anymore. 

However, implementation is difficult for most of them because:

- authorities may fine you if you don't follow the legal recommendations ($500-$1,500 per recipient in the US)

- you annoy your subscribers if you don't follow best practices (eg. bulk SMS messages)

- some SMS marketing platforms overcharge you

- you don't have resources to set up SMS campaigns and flows

- you don't know how to segment your list

Plus, after working with 150+ brands, we know many ecommerce teams are afraid to use SMS marketing because they've seen too many annoying examples. 

When we work together, we not only ensure that you hit your goals, but we also provide a branded experience to your SMS subscribers. 

Our action plan to take your SMS text marketing to the next level: 

- Choosing the right SMS marketing software tool for you

- Software migration if requested

- Ensuring SMS compliance

- Software and integration setup

- Signup forms building

- SMS flow build-up and optimization

- SMS marketing campaigns building

- Integration with your social media and email marketing strategy

- Regular meetings with you and monthly or weekly reporting

Thanks to our special partnership with Recart, we can give you a 30-day free trial when you use Recart. So, you have 1 month to see how this really works.

Are you ready to add more profits to your bottom line using SMS? 

"We also made over $50,000 from messenger and achieved over a 3,200% ROI on SMS marketing with the help of the Budai Media team." - Sunny Gosal​, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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👉 What ROI can your clients usually experience?

Our average ROI on our service is 8.9x.

👉 Is SMS marketing annoying and too “in your face”?

Yes, I will refer to marginal benefit versus costs. 

All our text messages say “Reply STOP to opt out at the end” and actually stop if someone unsubscribes.

It is also very clearly stated upon subscription that we will contact them.

In our experience, SMS is a net positive 99 out of 100 times BUT only if its legal in your niche (it is for instance illegal to send in the vape, alcohol, CBD niche).

👉 What’s the average return on SMS marketing?

It depends on your niche, but we typically expect a 10x or even higher ROI from SMS. So every dollar you put in SMS tends to bring in 10 dollars or even more.

In general, email is still the most scalable and lucrative marketing channel for customer retention, but SMS has the best ROI.

👉 Are people still opening and engaging with SMS messages?

The short answer is yes. Our average open rates for SMS messages are 81%+ and the average click rate is 10%. Imagine having a tool that enables you to send a link to 10,000 people and have 1,000 of them click on this link. Welcome to SMS.

👉 What’s the best tool for SMS marketing?

We tend to use Recart, Klaviyo or Attentive.

👉 Where can I see your agency’s pricing?

It depends on your business needs, we tend to price ourselves based on the value we believe we can bring you.

Please apply for a free call with us on this link.

👉 Do you have success stories / case studies in my niche?

Probably. Click here to find out.

"The internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their dedication in accomplishing their goals, and how they were very easy to communicate with.

Budai Media and our company worked together to create SMS campaigns that were in conjunction with our email marketing, and digital marketing ads to engage customers" -  Rowena Scherer, CEO at Eat2Explore

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