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How we made 18% of a POD store’s monthly revenue with a welcome flow


of total monthly revenue coming from 1 welcome flow


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higher opt-in rate compared to older popups

Brand Story & Challenges


Eugen Schulz, Ecommerce CEO

This ecommerce store sells customized POD paintings for its customers, who receive a sketch of their photo that they can then paint together with their loved ones.


This brand has been with Budai Media since November 2019, and we have been constantly implementing and testing strategies to maximize the brand’s sales and conversion rate.


We wanted to test a new approach with customer acquisition and utilize the power of Messenger marketing, with Recart’s latest feature, the Welcome Popup.

“I was referred to Budai by an e-commerce business owner friend of mine. Email revenue is $295,000 in the last 90 days and climbing.


They seamlessly integrated the different back-end marketing tools and we even tried such things as a postcard campaign. They also take care of the high inbox rate of emails.


Budai Media is a world-class team who take pride in their deep knowledge and drive great ROI on their monthly retainer. We're amazed by this team.”


Before Budai Media

- General Optinmonster popup that would lead to a Welcome email flow in Klaviyo

- 7-10% opt-in rate on mobile

- 49% open rate, 8% click-through rate of emails in the Welcome flow

- $3.81 revenue per subscriber

After Budai Media

- New popup from Recart that takes them to a custom Messenger flow

- Collecting both Recart and email subscribers


- 20% opt-in rate on mobile

- 98% open rate, 54% Click-through rate of Messenger flow messages

- $6.59 per revenue per subscriber

How We Helped

Compared to email and SMS marketing, Messenger vastly outperforms when it comes to KPIs: opt-in rate, open rate, and revenue per subscriber are more than double, and click-through rate is nearly 7 times higher than what we reached with Optimonster and email marketing before.


Recart’s Welcome popup is only visible on mobile, so we decided to turn off the Optinmonster popup for a week-long period to test and compare the results. When we saw the massive difference in performance, we decided to keep the new popup going.


A Welcome popup greets subscribers who enter the brand’s website, offering a 15% discount, which will be delivered to their Messenger inbox. Even though in theory, business owners tend to be careful, since this popup and the Messenger flow can interrupt the customer journey, the numbers proved the opposite. 


Once taken to the Messenger flow, the subscriber receives their promo code, which links back to the website. We also implemented a follow-up message, which shows up in their inbox 3 hours later, if they still haven’t made a purchase.


While we can play the long-term game with email marketing, with Messenger, we have to keep communication within a 24 hour period due to Facebook’s regulations. 

However, thanks to Recart’s feature, now it’s also possible to implement a new addition to the flow: we can ask for the email address or the phone number of the subscriber, so in one opt-in, we are able to get the user subscribed on two different channels.


With this sequence, we have been able to drastically increase conversion rate and sales, and at the same time, while getting the subscriber’s email address, we can keep on building a relationship with them, through our email campaigns and flows, thus increasing the lifetime value of these customers.


Even though this Recart popup and the connecting Welcome Flow were a substitution for the Optinmonster Popup and Email Welcome Flow, they produced 18% of the total monthly revenue for the store, whereas the Optinmonster Welcome Email Flow normally makes up 6% of the monthly revenue. This data, and the fact that the revenue per recipient was nearly double, demonstrates the power of Messenger marketing perfectly. 


This experiment has given us the opportunity to innovate for our client, and we are excited to keep implementing new ideas for the rest of the Budai Media clients.

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