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Case Studies

How We Made $40k in 6 Months with Push Notifications

Their request was simple: grow their email list and make more revenue. They had their SMS and email marketing all set up, and it was time to take things to the next level. 


We used PushOwl, a Shopify web push notification app, to generate over $40k in-store revenue within just 6 months. 

Push notifications share many principles with Shopify email marketing and SMS marketing. That is, they are divided into flows and campaigns. Flows are triggered by a customer action, campaigns are sent at the e-commerce store owner’s discretion.

2022-01-24 22.24.16 b38940ec630a.png

How We Increased Our Client’s Email Marketing Revenue from 14% to 48% in 9 Months

Before we began working together, this client already had multiple marketing channels and most of their revenue came from Amazon. Shopify, however, was their smallest channel. Their goal? Build a retention marketing strategy that increases their revenue from email marketing and their Shopify store. 


This email marketing e-commerce case study shows how we increased their email marketing revenue from 14% to 48% in 9 months.


How We Made 30% Extra Store Revenue Using Email Marketing

Our client works in the e-commerce activewear industry. Their audience is mostly made up of women from the US between the ages of 20 - 60.


Launched in April 2021, they requested a brand new email marketing and pop-up strategy. Our client had a basic abandoned cart flow and welcome series but these were not producing desired results. 


Email Marketing: Over £640,000 In 30 days

This email marketing e-commerce case study shows how we generated over £640,000 in email marketing for our client in interior design e-commerce within 30 days. That’s equal to over $850,000.

Our client’s email marketing revenue has nearly tripled since we began working together. This email marketing case study will take a deep dive into how you can set up your email flows and campaigns to increase your long-term store revenue.


How our setup changes a small business

The business is in the 6-figure revenue range and they wanted to buy new printers to scale the business when they reached out to us. The new printers would help the business be able to fulfill more orders from their customers and scale the business.


They already had decent traffic but needed extra profit to re-invest into the company.


High Dive came to our agency to get started with professional eCommerce email marketing and we wanted to help the brand optimize it's retargeting using our well-oiled email strategy.


$1,259,851 Revenue Generated Using Klaviyo Email Marketing

Their request? A brand new email marketing strategy. One that generates more revenue, increases customer retention, and grows their list. The following email marketing ecommerce case study shows what strategies we used to achieve this.  

Legal restrictions on vape advertising proved to be the main challenge of working in this area of ecommerce. The wrong type of messaging would put our clients at risk of losing their licenses.


How We Raised Our Outdoor Apparel Brand Client’s Email Marketing Revenue From 33% To 50% In 4 months

Before charging anything, we just audited his store.


We felt that his flows were taking care of the so-called “low hanging fruit” of abandoned carts and post-purchase upsells, and with additional touchpoints plus a few tweaks, we could achieve great things together.

When email marketing is done right, it can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.


From Mailchimp to Klaviyo: how we generated 50% extra revenue for a skincare brand

Before working together, the client had some email flows set up in Mailchimp and some campaigns sent. However, they hadn’t yet tapped into the real power of email marketing.

They already had a list of about 70-80,000 subscribers, but most of them had not been contacted in months, so it was necessary to “warm the list up” again. 

The client has been mainly relying on paid ads to generate revenue, and email marketing hasn’t been their primary focus. Working with Budai Media, email quickly evolved to become one of their best-performing channels. 


39% Extra Revenue For A DIY Store From Email, Messenger & SMS In 4 Months

This brand owner saw the previous results we generated for another DIY / POD store. He felt that his store was ready to be taken to the next level with ongoing retention marketing. It’s all well and good to have flows set up that brings in money automatically until a certain point.

The first thing we did was warm up the list with trust-building content emails. Apart from this, we also set up Recart and SMSBump automation and campaigns to ensure our omnichannel presence.


How We Generated $72,300 For a Fashion Brand On Black Friday’s Week

We started working in early 2020 when the brand had only a few basic email automation set up, and they needed an email campaign schedule as well. 


From the first moment of working together, the brand identity had a crucial role in our collaboration. The founder of the brand himself is also knowledgeable about different marketing strategies, and it helped us when we worked together. Soon, we built out seven email automation, and we created regular email campaigns to nurture the audience. We were close to 30% monthly revenue from email, and it was close to 5% before. 


809K Extra Revenue In 12 Months With Ecommerce Email Marketing

Our client operates in the print-on-demand niche with beautiful “paint your own images” products. This rapidly growing DIY & personalization niche can be highly lucrative. Their primary audience is in the US, mostly female, and in the  25-34 age range. 


Eugen, the founder, initially came to us because his fellow ecommerce store owner friends also work with us with a store that we, unfortunately, cannot name out of respect for their privacy.


$1.3 Million Generated Using Klaviyo Email Marketing For An Ecommerce Store In The Pet Niche

This client of ours operates in the pets niche. They sell products specifically for dogs. There is one product, in particular, that is just the textbook definition of a winner. It just doesn’t seem to get oversaturated ever. People keep buying them. 


Andreas came to us over 2 years ago, when they were already doing really well on the front end, they just needed someone to take care of the email marketing and take their customer retention to the next level.


Budai Media Consultation: How We Increased by 10x the Average Revenue from Email Campaigns

This client came to us because they wanted to transition more to an online presence. Their niche is textiles and interior design. And they are selling in the UK. They were struggling to make full use of Klaviyo's tools. And decided to invest in education and that’s where Budia Media stepped in.


The goal was to help them set up the most important email flows and automation using our best practices. Our client also wanted to increase the conversion rate of their popup. And make more money from email campaigns.


$540,000 Generated From Email Marketing Alone

Their request? A brand new email marketing strategy. One that generates more revenue, increases customer retention, and grows their list. The following email marketing ecommerce case study shows what strategies we used to achieve this.  

Legal restrictions on vape advertising proved to be the main challenge of working in this area of ecommerce. The wrong type of messaging would put our clients at risk of losing their licenses.


How we made 18% of a POD store’s monthly revenue with a welcome flow

This brand has been with Budai Media since November 2019, and we have been constantly implementing and testing strategies to maximize the brand’s sales and conversion rate.


We wanted to test a new approach to customer acquisition and utilize the power of Messenger marketing, with Recart’s latest feature, the Welcome Popup.

case study 1.JPG

How we made mid-6-figure extra monthly revenue with emails in a unique niche

They already had many customers, their list was 96.000 people and more than 30% of them were customers.


They had a few emails set up but the strategy wasn't a great fit with their front-end sales funnels. Also, one of our biggest concerns was that they used popups to generate website leads and it converted very well but the quality of the leads was questionable. 


The store had 6% of its revenue from emails in July 2019 and our goal was to increase it incrementally every month.


How we added 28% extra revenue to a 7-Figure footwear brand

The team of the client was the master of Facebook and Instagram ads, good content, however, they didn't tap on the opportunities of email marketing yet. The email list contained 19,400 people and it was mostly unused in Mailchimp.


Digging more into the customer data, we realized fast how big an opportunity it was for us to increase the revenue of the store and improve the profit margins.

2020-05-24 19_47_20-Klaviyo.png

How we doubled the worth of Messenger subscribers of our client

We already managed their email marketing and had generated 25-30% of their monthly sales from emails. They were aware of the importance of other back-end sales channels such as Messenger but they needed our help to implement it properly right before the holiday season.

They were also open to combining Messenger with front-end tools such as Facebook advertising and this helped us achieve great results.


How we increased the revenue of a POD brand by 19% after two months

The motto of the store describes wonderfully its approach: "Happiness is … listening to your dog snoring while painting his photo."  They had to use a warmhearted and sometimes humorous tone of copy with beautiful design to sell the products.


We also had many technical challenges. ​First of all, we had to set up a whole email marketing system and website popups to get more email subscribers.


Secondly, we had only a few days before Black Friday and we didn't want to miss out on this opportunity to kickstart the project. Thirdly, we wanted to implement properly SMS and Messenger marketing.

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