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How This Canadian Outdoor Brand Made $26,000+ Extra Email Revenue in 1 Week with Early-Bird Black Friday Offer 


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extra email revenue in 1 week

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Brand Story & Challenges

Northbound Gear is a Canadian outdoor brand selling mostly in the US and Canada. We’ve worked together for 3 years and we already generated 30-40% of their total sales through email and SMS marketing. 

However, this time, we wanted to take our collaboration to the next level. 


The client understands how important it is to increase the lifetime value of their customers and focus on their VIP customers. 


(We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that the brand understands the importance of this!)


Also, getting closer to Black Friday, we considered how we could compete with other brands in this niche without simply sending more email during BFCM’s week. 


So, we decided to combine marketing channels such as Facebook and email marketing. 

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Sunny Gosal​, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

I came to Budai Media to take our retention marketing to the next level.
We already had email flows that got 32% extra revenue for us, so I was curious if this can be improved.

After 4 months of working together, we are now over 50% extra revenue just from email marketing. On top of this, we built stronger relationships with our amazing customers and our emails look better than ever.

We also made over $50,000 from messenger and achieved over a 3,200% ROI on SMS marketing with the help of the Budai Media team.

I am saying that as someone who is extremely picky with design due to my creative background.

Would highly recommend the Budai Media team for anyone who wants to take their retention marketing to the next level!

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 17.55.52.png

The contribution of email marketing to Northbound Gear's sales in November 2022

 Before Budai Media

  • Black Friday strategy focusing on campaigns only

  • No plan to get VIP subscribers with an early-bird offer

After Budai Media

  • $26,000+ generated with the new subscribers of the early-bird BFCM flow in 1 week

  • Additional tens of thousands of dollars of extra revenue generated using these new VIP subscribers in Q4. 

  • Assets and a new high-converting funnel created for this brand using 3 different platforms

  • 41% total revenue from email marketing in November

How We Helped

We decided to run an early bird Black Friday promotion weeks before the actual event. 


The inboxes of consumers are less full in early November and this is what we wanted to capitalize on. 


First off, we created a landing page for this client promoting the early bird offer. Our team collected the main trigger words to use for this audience. 


The landing page was short but still consisted of parts such as a big hero image with an early bird VIP Black Friday offer, testimonials, short intro, and the signup form itself. 

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 13.34.43.png

Once it was created, the client’s front-end marketing team started running promotions on Facebook and Instagram. 


Those who clicked on these platforms, they were directed to the landing page where they could subscribe. 


After subscription, they got into a Klaviyo email flow with 5 emails. 


We sent out the 4 emails in less than one week. Their goal was to nurture customers and create hype. 


The structure of the flow: 

  • The first email thanked subscribers for becoming VIP subscribers, highlighted the benefits of being part of the list, and created trust with the audience. 

  • The second email created hype and reminded subscribers that the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale was coming soon. 

  • The third email offered a discount of 27%, the highest discount ever offered by the client.

  • The fourth email was a reminder to subscribers to take advantage of the sale before it expired.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 18.01.33.png
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 18.02.30.png

This flow was the third best performing flow in Klaviyo, behind the website popup series and the browse abandonment flow. 

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 18.03.27.png

As you can see, these 4 emails generated 26,000+ in a few days for this brand. 


Not to mention that extra revenue we could generate using the subscriber base gained during this early-bird event. 


The overall open rate for all the emails was above 50%. The click rate was also very good, the highest was 28% for the best-performing email. 


The landing page was promoted not only on Facebook and IG but we also sent out a campaign to the already existing VIP customers of the brand.


The great thing about this campaign is that we could use these early-bird Black Friday subscribers later during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday and Christmas promotions by sending them email campaigns. 


Also, the whole structure can be used again and again a few times a year to monetize the VIP subscribers again and again. 


Many ecommerce companies don’t have a well-built Black Friday strategy. They send out a few campaigns through email and SMS and they send out a sequence of campaigns. 


Since the email inbox is full during this event, it’s smart to start promoting your offer earlier than others and collect VIP customers through your acquisition channels. 


Once they subscribe, you can monetize them on the back-end multiple times. First through an automated sequence, next your BFCM campaigns, and later any time during a major holiday. 


In our experience, if you have an engaged audience, this is one of the highest converting marketing tactics out there.

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