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Budai Media Consultation: How We Increased by 10x the Average Revenue from Email Campaigns

Brand Story & Challenges

This client came to us because they wanted to transition more to an online presence. Their niche is textiles and interior design. And they are selling in the UK. They were struggling to make full use of Klaviyo's tools. And decided to invest in education and that’s where Budia Media stepped in.


The goal was to help them set up the most important email flows and automation using our best practices. Our client also wanted to increase the conversion rate of their popup. And make more money from email campaigns.

3 Last Campaigns Revenue Before Our First Call:

  • £5.29

  • £194.61

  • £87.39

3 First Campaigns Revenue After Our Consultation:

  • £1,103.20

  • £918.34

  • £1,573.58


to 22.1%

to 12.5%

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Increase in the average revenue of an email campaign sent

Average open rate increase

Average click through rate increase

Before Our Consultation:


After Our Consultation:


How We Helped

According to the internet, the word “consultation” refers to: “A meeting with an expert or professional, such as a medical doctor, in order to seek advice”. Which is what one of our recent clients needed.


They were really confused about how they should obey GDPR rules and restrictions. And weren’t sure how to segment their list. In the image below, you can see the last 2 emails did significantly better than the previous ones. Our consultation, in this case, took place on Jan 29, 2021.

It may not come as a surprise that our first consultation session took place around the end of January. With a simple tweak to the segments and the copy, we finally managed to hit the right people with the right messaging at the right time.


With the right offer. Which is the main goal of marketing.



We would say the main reason why we managed to help this store get better results with their campaigns is our segmentation methods. So we will now share with you the tips we also give to new account managers during our internal training schedule.


Let’s start with Adam and Eve. Email marketing is a balancing act between making money (short-run) and optimizing deliverability (long run). What that means is that if you have a list of 100,000 people, some people might be tempted to send their emails to everybody.


“More people = the highest expected revenue.”

This is true, however… if you send all your emails to everybody a lot of them might not want to hear from you. With that being said, we have worked with stores that have a relatively small list of about 5,000 people on the list who were really engaged. And, in this case, we actually sent a lot of emails to the whole list due to the nature of the client.


In this example, the “All Active” segment always got about 25-30% open rate. If you send an email to your “All Active” segment (a.k.a. Every active account), the open rate will give you a good idea of your list’s level of engagement. This indicates that the list is very engaged.

As a general rule of thumb, try to get at least a 15% open rate on 9 out of 10 emails sent. We see a lot of people sending the same amount of emails to unengaged people as to engaged subscribers, which is the opposite of what we do.


Our simple method is “the more engaged you are, the more emails you will get”. It doesn’t happen exactly like this. But hopefully this gives you a good idea of our approach.



A good way to determine how to segment your list is understanding the level of engagement within different timeframes.

We created these segments for instance:

If you haven’t sent any emails yet, we would recommend starting with a relatively smaller segment. Maybe Engaged 7 or Engaged 30.

Please bear in mind that if Klaviyo and Gmail see you haven’t sent any emails yet and then you suddenly send to a list of 10,000+ contacts, you will likely be flagged as spam.


Here is a quick step-by-step guide if you are warming up an account:


  1. Make sure the Klaviyo account is fully integrated with your ecommerce platform

  2. Start sending your flows first: abandoned cart, post-purchase, etc…

  3. Send to a few thousand people first

  4. Incrementally increase your campaign’s size as long as your open rate has been above 15%

  5. If you sent the first few campaigns and your open rate is not consistently above 15%, you should probably consider sending to a smaller & more engaged segment


If you mainly operate in Europe, try to add a GDPR checkbox during the checkout process that says something like: “By entering your email, you agree to receive emails and understand that you can unsubscribe at any time.”


Or some version of this information. If these are safe, you should be GDPR proof.


During a consultation, here are a few things we immediately observe:

  • List engagement (how engaged is your list)

  • List size

  • Spam test (do you land in the inbox or spam?)

  • Is double optin enabled

  • Should we send to more or less people than what you are currently doing?

  • Does the copy sound personal?

  • CTA button colors (does it match your website?)


We think this consultation would be perfect for anyone who has a well-functioning ecommerce store but doesn't have the resources to invest in a “done-for-you” service yet.


It’s perfect for you if you want to have a solid back-end for your business without spending too much on an agency taking care of this for you.


Obviously, each option has pros and cons but at the end of the day, after a consultation, you will OWN the skills we teach you and can replicate that for your future projects as well.


It will help you make sure that when you get thousands of website visitors daily, it will not go to waste because you will capture and nurture them with your top-notch email marketing.


If you think it would make sense for us to talk about how we could get similar results for your store...


Then make sure to message us or book a call with us on this link and we can talk about how we can get similar results for your store!

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