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How We Made 48% Extra Store Revenue in One Month


Total store revenue made from email marketing in November

over $27,000

Made from email marketing within one month of working together

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 Before Budai Media

  • No flows enabled

  • No pop-ups enabled 

  • Campaign strategy not optimized

  • 18% total store revenue from Klaviyo email marketing 

Brand Story & Challenges

Our client works in the fashion and apparel niche. They operate in the US and the Americas and asked us to improve their email marketing strategy for their Central American and Caribbean stores. The stats that we will be reviewing here is for their e-commerce store in Panama.


Often, email marketing case study examples are based in the US and Europe, so we hope that this case study demonstrates the effectiveness of email marketing in other places of the world, such as Latin America. 


Their email marketing campaign case study is a collaboration of copy, design, and segmentation. Before working with us, they were already sending out sale and promo email campaigns, but these were not fully optimized for conversion. We provided feedback for their existing campaigns, added improvements, and created new campaign emails from scratch. 


This email marketing e-commerce case study demonstrates how an effective email marketing strategy will produce almost immediate results. We saw an incredible increase in email marketing revenue within just one month of working together, and we’re continuing to see consistently strong results four months later. 

Before working with us


One month with Budai Media


How We Helped

A good email marketing strategy consists of two types of emails: flows and campaigns. Flows are triggered by a customer action, for example, an abandoned cart or a first purchase. Campaign emails are sent at the discretion of the e-commerce store. These are usually divided into sales, product promotions, and trust-building content campaigns. 


Let’s take a look at our flow and campaign setup. 

Email Marketing Flow Case Study 

Before we began working with our client in October 2021, they did not have any email flows set up with Klaviyo. Accordingly, we set up flows right away. 

Here are their email marketing results one week after we set up email flows:


As demonstrated in this email marketing e-commerce case study, our flows began making revenue almost immediately after set up. 


These included 4 basic but fundamental email flows to any e-commerce store:


  • Abandoned Cart Master Flow: Flow email series triggered by an abandoned cart.


  • New Customer Master Flow: Post-purchase thank you and upsell flow for new customers. 


  • Returning Customer Flow: Post-purchase thank you and upsell flow for returning customers.  


  • OptinMonster Welcome Flow: Welcome flow for customers who have signed up to your email list via a website pop up. 


As is often the case in our email marketing case study examples, the OptinMonster Welcome Flow generated the most revenue out of all the email flows. When optimized correctly, pop-ups are crucial to growing your email list and increasing conversions.


Here is one of the popups we use: 


And here are our popup conversion rates:


For a guide as to how and why you should introduce OptinMonster pop-ups and flows to your e-commerce store, check out this email marketing case study: How We Made 30% Extra Store Revenue Using Email Marketing. 


Email Marketing Campaign Case Study 

Before working together, our client already had some email campaigns set up. This email marketing campaign case study indicates our optimization of existing email campaigns as well as email campaigns we wrote, designed, and segmented from scratch.

Here are some of our campaigns from November to early January: 


One of our client’s immediate goals was to implement a Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) email marketing campaign strategy. 


November is a particularly crucial month in this email marketing campaign case study. 


Here is their BFCM week:


When you compare this month to October, you’ll find that their total store revenue decreased while their revenue from email marketing increased. In other words, email marketing revenue remained high through fluctuations in revenue from other sources (ads, for example). 


This demonstrates the importance of email marketing both to BFCM and in generating a steady stream of revenue for your store. An omnichannel marketing strategy is always best, and email marketing is at its core. 


Take a look at how you can optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy with our CEO’s favorite digital marketing tools in episode 85 of The Ecom Show: Scale Your E-Commerce With These Three Digital Marketing Tools.  


Outside a BFCM context, here is their email marketing revenue in the second half of December 2021/first half of January 2022:


For a more general overview of our first 4 months working together, here is our client’s revenue from mid-October 2021 to mid-January 2022.


As you can see, email marketing continues to make up a high percentage of our client’s total store revenue. Email marketing does not only generate a near-immediate increase in revenue, but it also builds a foundation for long-term revenue growth. 


Check out our other email marketing case study examples for a year-long picture of an effective email marketing strategy. 


If we could sum up this email marketing case study in three words it would be:


Numbers don’t lie. 


A decent flow setup leads to an almost immediate increase in-store revenue. Beyond that, it lays the groundwork for capturing email addresses, increasing conversions, and upsells for the long term.


An effective email marketing campaign strategy is crucial to maintaining a steady stream of revenue to your e-commerce store through sales, product promotions, and trust campaigns. 


When combined, email flows and campaigns not only acquire customers, they retain them. 

After Budai Media

  • Flow set up 

  • Pop-ups implemented 

  • Campaign strategy optimized 

  • 48% extra store revenue in one month

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