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How We Made 30% Extra Store Revenue Using Email Marketing


Extra store revenue from Klaviyo email marketing 

10,000 new subscribers

In just 7 months

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 Before Budai Media

  • No email campaign strategy set up

  • Pop ups created but inactive

  • Email list around 1,000 

After Budai Media

  • Email marketing campaign strategy implemented in September 2021

  • New popups set up 

  • Email marketing made up 30% of total store revenue in November

  • Email list increase by 1000% in 7 months

Brand Story & Challenges

Our client works in the e-commerce activewear industry. Their audience is mostly made up of women from the US between ages 20 - 60.


Launched in April 2021, they requested a brand new email marketing and pop-up strategy. Our client had a basic abandoned cart flow and welcome series but these were not producing desired results. 


We set up three new flows from scratch in late May:

  • OptinMonster Welcome Flow

  • Abandoned Cart Master Flow

  • New Customer Master Flow 

We began sending out email campaigns in September. 

Their email marketing e-commerce case study indicates the effectiveness of pop-ups and welcome flows in building an email list. Before working with us, their email list consisted of around 1,000 subscribers. As of the end of 2021, that number exceeded 11,000. 


Beyond pop-ups and welcome flows, their email marketing campaign case study is also included below to demonstrate the importance of email campaigns in building trust and engagement. 


If you’re interested in learning more about building trust with your customers, check out our podcast episode with Alex Johnson: Authentic Marketing and Why it Matters: LoudCrowd and UGC.

Before working with us


After Budai Media


How We Helped

Flow Setup 

A decent flow setup underlies every successful email marketing case study. As a relatively new brand, we essentially built their email marketing strategy from scratch. To find out more about how the Budai Media setup changes a small business, take a look at our other email marketing case study examples


Our client wished to scrap two basic flows they already had set up. In April, they were not yet working with Klaviyo:


In late May, we scrapped their existing flows and created three new flows: 


  • OptinMonster Welcome Flow

  • Abandoned Cart Flow

  • New Customer Flow


Here are their results after one month of flow implementation:


In July, just two months after we began working together, email flows made up 27% of our client’s total store revenue:


A good email marketing flow strategy generates significant revenue for your store within a matter of months or even weeks. 


The Abandoned Cart flow proved highly effective in capturing what could have been lost conversions. The New Customer flow allows our client to upsell, build trust, and increase customer lifetime value. (CLV). As of January 2022, their New Customer flow has produced the highest number of conversions. 


We’ll take a deeper dive into the Optinmonster Welcome flow in the next section of this email marketing e-commerce case study. 



OptinMonster Pop Ups and Welcome Flows 

If you come across email marketing case study examples that show a drastic increase in email subscribers, pop ups were almost certainly involved. We set up four pop ups on our client’s e-commerce store using OptinMonster. These offer discounts when visitors sign up with their email. These pop ups and their Welcome Flows helped increase our client’s list from around 1,000 to over 11,000 subscribers. 


Here are their weekly subscription rates from May to December 2021. 


For a more general overview, here are their monthly subscription rates from May to December 2021.


Evidently, pop up implementation resulted in a drastic increase in subscribers to our client’s email list.


We often find that e-commerce owners are cautious about pop ups. Understandably so, there is such a thing as a bad pop up. You do not want a pop up appearing as soon as you click on a website, for example. However, when done correctly, pop ups are absolute beacons of lead generation and conversion.

Your Google Analytics page will tell you the average time visitors spend on your website. Use this to time your pop up correctly (i.e. a second or two before they leave). If you’re worried about pop ups, start with an exit-intent pop up. This pop up appears when your visitor is about to leave your website. At this stage, you have nothing to lose by offering a discount. 


Ensure you optimize your pop ups for both desktop and mobile, as you can see here, conversions tend to be higher on mobile: 


We highly recommend using OptinMonster as your popup tool of choice. Its easy-to-use software and advanced website tracking technology are highly effective in increasing page views and list growth. 


Campaign Setup 

Our client’s email marketing campaign case study demonstrates the importance of email campaigns in building trust and brand familiarity. This does not only warm up your list before large sales events, but it also increases customer lifetime value (CLV). 

We implemented our campaign strategy in September 2021 and began sending out 6 campaign emails per month. 


We usually recommend 10 (but no more than 20) emails per month. In November, just two months after implementation, campaign emails generated over $11,000 of total store revenue. 


Here are our campaigns from late October to November:

image (1).png

Our client continues to maintain a healthy email list with engaged customers. Here are some campaign emails from late December to early January: 

image (2).png

Remember to clean your list of unengaged subscribers. It is a waste of time and resources to send out campaigns to people who won’t even see them. 


Campaign emails are a highly effective way to increase traffic and revenue to your store. This email marketing campaign case study shows how our client generated $398,644 in campaign emails within just 12 months. 


This email marketing case study demonstrates how quickly your e-commerce store can expect to see results with an effective pop up and email marketing strategy. 


We grew our client’s list from 1,000 to over 11,000 subscribers, generated 30% extra revenue in November 2021, and set up a monthly stream of content for their customers.


All within less than a year! 


Find out how much Klaviyo email marketing could make in a year here

The lowdown? Set up flows, send out regular campaigns, and don’t forget those popups!

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