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How We Raised Our Outdoor Apparel Brand Client’s Email Marketing Revenue From 33% To 50% In 4 months


Email Revenue Increase


Extra Revenue in 4 months

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Brand Story & Challenges

The client came to us because he felt his current email flows were not doing as well as they could, and to maximize his back-end revenue while building real relationships with their subscribers.


Quick disclaimer: the existing email flows for this client were already generating around 25-30% extra revenue from email, so he already had good stuff going for him.


This is just more proof that if you think your emails are already good enough and there is no way to make significant improvements…


Chances are…


There is.


There is always a way to improve.

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Sunny Gosal​, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

I came to Budai Media to take our retention marketing to the next level.
We already had email flows that got 32% extra revenue for us, so I was curious if this can be improved.

After 4 months of working together, we are now over 50% extra revenue just from email marketing. On top of this, we built stronger relationships with our amazing customers and our emails look better than ever.

We also made over $50,000 from messenger and achieved over a 3,200% ROI on SMS marketing with the help of the Budai Media team.

I am saying that as someone who is extremely picky with design due to my creative background.

Would highly recommend the Budai Media team for anyone who wants to take their retention marketing to the next level!

In the beginning, we just looked at what was working well for him already and what he could do better.


Before charging anything, we just audited his store.


We felt that his flows were taking care of the so-called “low hanging fruit” of abandoned carts and post-purchase upsells, and with additional touchpoints plus a few tweaks, we could achieve great things together.

When email marketing is done right, it can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.


Before Budai Media

- Only flows set up, no campaigns

- 33% extra revenue from emails

After Budai Media

- Flows enhanced with rapport building

- 15 segmented monthly email campaigns

- Structure sales events every month

- Well designed and segmented popups that we optimize every month

- 50% extra revenue from email

How We Helped

We created a plan together with the client, where we added new emails to his already successful flows that focus on brand building. And once that was done, we started the email campaign management, which combines content emails with the occasional promotions.


For this brand, we needed to speak the language of the audience.


And we actually selected a copywriter from our team who loves hiking and being outdoors (it helps a lot to have access to multiple world-class copywriters on our team).

Here is our 10-step checklist of what we want to focus on when onboarding a new client:

  1. Setting clear expectations

  2. Defining where you are now and where you want to be in 3-6-12 months

  3. Analyzing what worked well so far

  4. Clearly defining the target audience

  5. Get the tone of the copyright

  6. Agree on a design template that everyone is happy with

  7. A/B test as much as possible

  8. Optimizing deliverability (avoiding the spam folder)

  9. Overcommunicating via reports

  10. Setting clear deadlines


Here is how some of our campaigns did:


Here are some more in-depth analytics:

Open rates often get neglected by certain companies that sugarcoat it with “we focus on sales, not opens.”


This brings me beautifully to my next point: the two most important metrics in email marketing are revenue and inbox rate.


Revenue is the short-term metric that pays the bills, the suppliers, the product costs, and occasionally the company jacuzzi. However, if you solely focus on revenue and send only promotional emails, people will soon start hating you.


You will be predictable.


Your subscribers will associate your company name with “only trying to sell me things.” This is why sending content and building trust is so important.


You will keep your subscribers guessing.

And by the time you send a promo or a Black Friday sales email, it won’t matter because you have already given them so much value with the previous four content emails.


That means they will be way more open to reading about how your product is made of linen or fully waterproof!


At the moment, we go for a 60-40 or 70-30 ratio when it comes to content and sales emails (respectively).


This is what we do for this client’s outdoor apparel store as well.


The one with over $10,000 in sales was actually the Black Friday opening email.

The exciting thing we started noticing is how simple content emails that have no agenda or calls to action can often outperform promo emails.


Such as the last one that did $3,624.22.


Our content topics range from travel packing best practices to revealing our top 3 mountains to hike in Asia or how you can travel around with friends and actually remain friends. We started working together with the client and his team in August, and four months later, we managed to raise his revenue from email marketing from 33% to 50% per month.

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