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Shopify Landing Pages

In 2022, the average ecommerce website conversion rate was 3.65%. 

While acquisition and retention marketing are great avenues to grow your store, conversion rate optimization is ignored by many ecommerce businesses. 

If all of your metrics are unchanged, a 30% conversion rate lift increases your revenue by 30%! 

This also means a smaller investment for your business than spending more on ads, SEO or even retention marketing. 

The most common reasons why ecommerce business struggle with website conversion: 

- Lack of knowledge of conversion-focused design

- Lack of knowledge of sales copywriting

- Missing Google Analytics tracking

- Missing data on visitor behavior

- Lack of focus

We usually build a new landing page for:

- The best selling product(s)

- Product launch

- Special promotion

- New collection

We are flexible when it comes to choosing which software to use, but we usually build them with one of the most popular Shopify landing page builders tools. 

Are you ready to take your website conversion rate to the next level?

I" have enjoyed working with Ben over the past two months. He has taken time to learn and understand how our business works, and we have worked together to develop an email marketing strategy that compliments that." - Grace Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Valentte

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