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FIND OUT If You Can Add An Extra 6-7 Figure Sales To Your Revenue WITHOUT Spending More On Ads SIMILAR TO Our Clients

***For Ecommerce Businesses Making Minimum 50,000 USD Per Month***

***Do NOT Book A Call If You Don't Make At Least 50,000 USD Per Month***

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Sunny Gosal​, Ecommerce Entrepreneur
Thomas Strand, DTC Director at Tree To Tub
 Rowena Scherer, CEO at Eat2Explore
Sandeep Kumar, Executive Director at ROI Minds Pvt

We already had email flows that got 32% extra revenue for us, so I was curious if this can be improved.

After 4 months of working together, we are now over 50% extra revenue just from email marketing. On top of this, we built stronger relationships with our amazing customers and our emails look better than ever.

We also made over $50,000 from messenger and achieved over a 3,200% ROI on SMS marketing with the help of the Budai Media team.

I am saying that as someone who is extremely picky with design due to my creative background.

Would highly recommend the Budai Media team for anyone who wants to take their retention marketing to the next level!

We hired Budai Media to enhance email flows and begin a regular campaign calendar.


The team also creates several campaigns and strategies for our email. 


Thanks to the efforts of Budai Media, the revenue connected to the email has doubled. Their workflow has been highly effective, and the team easily adopts the client's communication method.


They are reliable, results-driven, and collaborative.

Thanks to Budai Media, the company was able to achieve great success with their campaigns and promotions.


The internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their dedication in accomplishing their goals, and how they were very easy to communicate with.

Budai Media and our company worked together to create SMS campaigns that were in conjunction with our email marketing campaigns, and digital marketing ads.

We hired them for our existing eCommerce customers looking to start email marketing campaigns for their store. Our goal is to add on another marketing source to reach more audiences and generate sales with their email marketing expertise.

The client praises the email marketing campaigns, which have resulted in six-figure sales from e-commerce customers.


Budai Media has provided processes and strategies well and has gone the extra mile throughout the workflow.


Their team is also professional in providing feedback and progress updates. 

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