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Loyalty & Referral Program

Once the basics of ecommerce retention marketing are set, it's time to get to the next level. 

A custom-tailored loyalty & referral program is the next step for most of our partners.

A well-established loyalty program can double the lifetime value of your best customers similar to the results of this hiking brand.


Unfortunately, we can see many brands thinking about these programs as a one-time setup marketing channel. 

In truth, it's impossible to get these results without synching your loyalty and referral program with your other marketing channels. 

Once they are set up, we cross-promote them in your email, SMS, social media, and messaging platforms. 

We can help you with:

- Choosing the platform

- Loyalty and/or referral strategy building

- Incentive strategy creation

- Creative building

- Integrations

- Promoting your program on all marketing channels

- Building related email and SMS flows 

- Regular meetings with you and monthly or weekly reporting

If you are ready to join the top few percent of ecommerce brands which have a top-notch referral program, click the green button below to talk about your strategy further. 

Your VIP customers (and your profit margin) will be thankful.


"Would highly recommend the Budai Media team for anyone who wants to take their retention marketing to the next level!" - Sunny Gosal​, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

  • What’s the best tool for loyalty programs?
    We tested many, we recommend, Loyalty Lion or Yotpo.
  • What ROI can your clients usually experience?
    Our average ROI on our service is 8.9x.
  • Where can I see your agency’s pricing?
    It depends on your business needs, we tend to price ourselves based on the value we believe we can bring you. Please apply for a free call with us on this link.
  • Do you have success stories / case studies in my niche?
    Probably. Click here to find out.

"Highly recommended if you want to give your retention marketing to seasoned experts!" - Timotej, Serial Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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